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The little girl was so ashamed that she kicked the knife in the leg and spat shyly, "I don't respect the old man. No wonder the little hoodlum is that kind of virtue.

The little girl was so ashamed that she kicked the knife in the leg and spat shyly, "I don't respect the old man. No wonder the little hoodlum is that kind of virtue. I think you taught him bad!" Xiao Dao shouted angrily, "You are wronged!"! I'm the one who teaches bad things! Small mix blankly turn round to ask: "What?"? What do I teach? Without waiting for the knife to open her mouth, the little girl had already secretly twisted her hand to the knife. The knife was pinched in the middle of his mind. He ran away crying in pain and said with a wry smile, "Ask your Tigress!" The little girl gave him another white look. "I didn't say anything, I didn't say anything!" Cried the knife, shaking his hand in panic. "I said, wife, how can you flirt with people casually in front of me?" "You're talking nonsense," said the little girl angrily. "Pow!" With a sound, the small hoodlum was caught off guard for a moment, and immediately had a five-clawed golden dragon on his face. The little girl didn't expect to be hit by herself, so she immediately covered her mouth and was stunned on the spot, and all the people were suddenly silenced by this sudden slap. Small mix rubs cheek, helpless ground wry smile: "I say girl!"! I just said it was love, and you really did it? The little girl was embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." The gangster stared and cried, "Didn't you do it on purpose?"? So you did it on purpose? No, I'll give you a kiss! He is ready to attack. With a cry of surprise, the little girl hurriedly hid behind the knife and stammered,DIN screw plug, "You're so bad that you've been crying in public.." Small mix a pair of leering virtue, hey hey thief laughs: "Oh!"! I know, when the public is empty, kiss you, it is good to die! Is it right? No problem, improve next time, improve next time! The little girl was so shy and sweet that she didn't know how to express it, so she had to stamp her boots without patience. Only then did Thenahan have a chance to interrupt,titanium machining parts, "Boy, do you want to ride the Red Flame in the race?"? No, we all know that the red flame is a magic horse, no one is willing to participate in the race only to lose, not to mention, only to lose, what is there to gamble? "What if the person riding the Red Flame is a girl?" The gangster said with a firm laugh? Do you think anyone would dare to bet? "A girl?" Thenahan glanced curiously at the little girl. Xiaonizi and Xiaodao were also attracted by the idea. "Yes, girl," said the gangster with emphasis! And it's a bareback horse race. He then joked, "You Mongolian herdsmen are the most boastful about your riding skills. You're not afraid to compete with a little girl, are you?" "Of course we are not afraid to compete with little girls," said Thenahan, blushing. The gangsters clapped their hands and laughed, "So, car radiator cap ,Investment casting parts, brother Tie, can you arrange it for us?" "No problem," said Thenahan, patting his chest. "Look at me!" He strode to the starting point of the racecourse to contact the relevant matters. As soon as Thenahan left, the knife and the little girl were already laughing with their stomachs in their arms. Xiao Dao said jokingly, "I've been able to muddle along. I've been able to muddle along. You're so damn good at muddling along. You're cheating people to death without paying for their lives." Small hoodlum spread out his hands innocently and said, "I didn't cheat others!"! I just didn't tell him that the little girl was very good at riding. As for whether the little girl could ride, it's hard to say. Don't forget, the Mongolian's riding skills are first-class! The little girl laughed and said, "No wonder you said you had to rely on the red flame to earn the fare. So.." The three of them looked at each other and winked and snickered. Xiaodao couldn't help but tease: "Little girl, this is a great opportunity for you to create a historic record. I bet there is no such young and beautiful female champion knight as you in the Nadam Fair of Mongolia.". ” "That's why I said I wanted the little girl to be in the limelight at Nadam and have a good time," said the hoodlum proudly. Then he said seriously, "But, little girl, you have to remember that you have to have nine points of confidence and one point of caution in everything. Don't be overconfident. Otherwise, it's easy to stumble." The little girl pursed her lips and said angrily, "People say you should be very confident. Why are you a little less than others, only nine points?"? Are you deliberately not giving me confidence? Small mix her one eye, provocative way: "Because of your husband, I am not someone else, is unique once can mix!" " When the little girl heard this, her cheeks turned red. "Why are you always screaming at your husband and wife?" She spat! She's not married yet. The following words were choked back in the stomach by the strange eyes of the gangsters. Small hoodlum chuckles: "I say our kiss little girl, prospective wife in the future!"! Don't you even understand the truth that if you don't eat tofu, you are not a small hoodlum? Alas! You really don't know me well enough! The little girl couldn't argue with him. She quickly turned to the knife for help. The knife spread out his hands and said with a smile, "It's hard for an honest official to settle family affairs, not to mention the affairs of his family. No one can settle them." The small-time hoodlum stared and cried, "What's the end.." The knife deliberately cut off the mouth, changed the subject, and reminded: "You haven't explained the rest of the confidence clearly. I think Tenahan seems to have negotiated almost." Small mix lightly hum: "Spare you one time!" He patiently explained to the little girl as if he were playing a Zen trick: "The so-called very full is not perfect; because very full, often if you are not careful, it is easy to overflow, but to destroy the perfect." The little girl frowned, as if to think, as if to refute. Small mix smacked his lips, then said: "For example, like a teacup, if you fill the water, there is no spare, then you want to carry this cup of tea, is not very easy, at any time may spill tea out of the cup.". If you only fill the glass with nine points when you pour the water, is it much better? So, your husband's philosophy is that nine points is more perfect than ten points, do you understand? Little girl! The little girl frowned and nodded as if she didn't understand. At that moment, Thenahan rubbed his big, thick, cocooned hands and walked back with a smile. "Hurry,CNC machining parts, hurry, hurry!" He shouted! Guys, the game is settled. Let's go and get ready! 。


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