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Want to see through these, Li Xiao also no longer stay here for a long time, this time out for too long, he is quietly left, so he did not want to lose sight of Yan Yue Zong for too long.

Want to see through these, Li Xiao also no longer stay here for a long time, this time out for too long, he is quietly left, so he did not want to lose sight of Yan Yue Zong for too long. For the time being, the strength is not strong, Li Xiao can not let such a character as Nangong Jiuxiao know that something is done by him. So, evolved into another form, Li Xiao towards the place to leave far away. Within a moment, Li Xiao appeared in the place of the law array, at this time, Zhao Xiao and others had arrived here. Not only he, but also Li Weidao and others came here at this time. Li Xiao is coming, let's go! "And Li Suyan and Li Linglong's brother and sister didn't come!" Li Weidao's face was a little ugly. It's already here, not far behind me. Li Xiao hesitated slightly and said. Then wait a little longer! "Sniff-" At this time, two streamers came, and then, two young men and women who were all burning blood flew over. Without saying a word, Zhao Xiao patted out a gold token. The gold token burst out with dazzling golden light in an instant. The golden light shone through a piece of heaven and earth and penetrated the void. With Li Xiao and others, he returned to the scope of Yanyue Zong in an instant. At the same time, the world of the sword appears, Li Weidao and others have entered the world of the sword, but this time, there are more Shang Yingcheng and Shang Yingchan brothers and sisters. And Li Xiao,plastic pallet containers, at this time also stood beside these two people. Yun Yun, it's all right if you're all right. Seeing that Li Yun was all right, Li Xiao finally breathed a sigh of relief, but also the world space inside the world of the sword was still stable, only a small number of people were scattered by the rules of space, otherwise this time in the eternal Jedi, most of them would suffer heavy losses. Elder brother Li Yun lowered her head and looked like she had done something wrong. Li Xiao reached out his hand and stroked Li Yun's head. "It's all right," he said gently! No matter what happens, brother,collapsible bulk containers, I will take good care of you. As he spoke, he turned to Shang Yingcheng and said, "My sister, thank you very much this time." "You're welcome, Brother Li. Now, with Brother Li's ability, if all the geniuses in the world know that Miss Li Yun is your sister, then no one will stand by and do nothing. It's my honor to take this opportunity to get closer to Brother Li." Shang Ying smiled smartly and said with a smile. Well, Li Xiao, you are famous all over the world now, and you can compare with me. So I don't care about the fact that you didn't come to me when you broke your promise. "Shang Ying Chan waved her pink little fist and said with authority." So, that's really thanks to Ying Chan Fairy! Li Xiao laughed. Hum, it's good to know! Look at the world, it's not my fairy who is the best for you. Shang Ying Chan smirked. ……” Li Xiao for such a narcissistic little girl, really do not know what to say. However, it has to be said that this Shang Ying Chan has a unique lovely charm. Those girls who used to be very lovely in Li Xiao's eyes, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet price, compared with this one, will be completely eclipsed. Her loveliness has reached a point of going deep into the soul. Every word and deed will make people feel very lovely. It is a truly pure natural performance. More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 035 devouring the clouds. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: April 15, 2013 18:20:03 Number of words in this chapter: 5594 "Lord Li Xiao, do you know what's going on over there?" After a slight hesitation, Zhao Xiao bowed slightly and asked. There are concerns, so Zhao Xiao did not show obvious respect, but in language, he still has shown some shock to the brother and sister of Shang Ying Cheng. Eternal Jedi seems to have a foreign body to wake up, if say. If the historic site is the way out, then it may be the dwelling place of the powerful people who banned the three empires. Of course, this is just a speculation. As for the saying of the tomb of the emperor, it is hard to prove anything. .+ Li Xiao knows, with the origin of Shang Yingcheng and others, with its absolute world's first family resources, this matter, they have no reason not to know. Therefore, this sentence, Li Xiao did not hide anything, but said it directly. After this sentence, Li Weidao, Shang Yingcheng brother and sister, have been shocked, they all looked at Li Xiao with some horror. It's just speculation, but it's half the chance. If this is the case, then the previous palm may be a simple guardian array left by that person. In this way, in terms of strength, we have become absolute ants. "Hiss-" Shang Yingcheng and others gasped one after another. And among them, Lee Hyun, Lee Chin and others, even Zhou Kan and others, all felt that some of them looked at each other, but they didn't even know about it. Li Xiao. Lord, what are you talking about? Zhou Kan slightly hesitated, or the heart of the obedience shouted a'suzerain ', to show respect for Li Xiao. Li Xiao nodded to Zhou Yan's grandfather. After a slight hesitation, he said, "Zhao Xiao will tell you about this later. I thought you knew about it, too. It seems.." However, this matter is not comparable to the strength of the monks in the Holy Land. Try not to pay attention to it. "Yes.." Suzerain. Zhou Kan saw that Li Xiao had completely surpassed Zhou Yan in both temperament and disposition, and he had to admire him in his heart. I have to think that my grandson Zhou Yan really knows people. Out of the space of the sword, Li Xiao returned to a position at the foot of Yanyue Zong's mountain. Here, Wan Jiantian and others are still living here temporarily. And so leave, to now return, time, but also in the past a day and two nights or so, Yan Yue Zong's big ratio, is still continuing. But this competition has gradually had nothing to do with Li Xiao, because the two challenges on the first day made him really famous all over the world. Everyone knows it. Everyone knows it. After returning, Li Xiao's performance is also very low-key, and Wan Jiantian explained a few words, then fell into the practice. On the other side,plastic pallet crates, Jiang Shangnangong Xingchen and others also returned. Is silently in the Yan Yue Zong induction, then silently left. After a quiet night, the competition continued. binpallet.com


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