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The sorcerer's face loosened and he was silent for a moment. Finally gently sighed: "That's all, this is my destiny, it seems that my destiny should be planted in your hands.".

The sorcerer's face loosened and he was silent for a moment. Finally gently sighed: "That's all, this is my destiny, it seems that my destiny should be planted in your hands.". What do you want to know. I'll tell you. Small thunder is happy in the heart, on the face however calm, approach slowly past, low voice: "Tell me, how can ability be close to that treasure?" "That thing is the treasure of Buddhism.". Must have great magical powers, great compassion. Only the reincarnation of Living Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of great merit can be approached. Others, even if they have powerful magic, can not master it. Even if your magic power is strong, you can't see it! When Xiao Lei heard this, he frowned and said, "You can see the Moon Zen Master. How can you see it?" "The old monk who watches the moon is very ignorant," said the sorcerer. "Like a monk like him, he has been doing penance all his life. I don't know how many years I have been sitting in Zen and reciting the Buddha all my life. Naturally, the Buddha's meaning is exquisite. I have already cultivated some Dharma, and I have some Buddha's light to protect my body. Only in this way can I get a little close to that treasure. I saw that he was a very ascetic monk, so he could see the treasure, but with his practice, even if he had a little Dharma, he could see it, but mostly he couldn't touch it! Hey, hey. That's why I dare to rob. If he has already got that treasure,38 needle valve, most of his magic power will be improved. If he has already got the magic power in the red beads, that is a great magical power. How dare I come to die? Small thunder wanted to think, feel he says the ground is right also, ask again: "So since you come up hill, nature is to have a way to be able to be close to that treasure?" The sorcerer smirked and said, "The method is not difficult."! I once secretly visited many temples in the world and found a sarira left by an eminent monk of the previous generation! This kind of sarira is the place left by the cremation of the eminent monk after his death. It is also the treasure of Buddhism. It contains the Dharma of the previous generation of eminent monks who have been practicing penance all their lives. Naturally, they can get close to that treasure. But I can't. I'm going to let the two monks, Miaoyan and Miaoxin, pick one at random and take the sarira so that I can get close to the treasure. Xiao Lei immediately stretched out his hand: "Bring it!" The sorcerer hesitated for a moment and sighed,stainless steel needle valve, "That's all. After all, when I met you, I admitted defeat!"! I didn't take the sarira with me, but left it with Monk Miaoyan. I am a person in the evil way. If I wear the Buddhist sarira on my body, I can't stand the light of the Buddha. Although Miaoyan is afraid of death and somewhat vulgar, after all, he has studied the essence of Buddhism for a lifetime and has some Buddha nature. If you take him with you, you'll probably be able to lure the treasure out. Xiao Lei looked at him twice, looked at his expression, and affirmed that he was telling the truth. This just nods: "Hum, so." "Well," said the sorcerer, "I'll tell you everything I know. Now give me a good time! If here, slowly by these monks chanting sutras for three or five days, slowly grinding to death, that can be too uncomfortable. Why don't you be merciful and finish me with one hand? Xiao Lei smiled faintly and said, ball valve manufacturer ,stainless steel tube fitting, "As a spiritual practitioner, I have to consider the disaster of heaven, but I can't kill more animals.". Kill yourself! With that, he stretched out his finger and flicked it. A ray of golden light hit the diamond mirror above his head. With a buzz, a thin crack left the diamond mirror and broke it. In the meditation room, the faint light of the Buddha finally disappeared, and the monks outside chanting sutras were not so harsh. All right, this array has been broken. Even if you die now, your soul will not be taken into the diamond mirror. Xiao Lei said lightly, then he reached out and grabbed the subway lock on the sorcerer's body, pulled it hard, and the chain immediately burst off one after another. With gratitude on his face, the sorcerer knelt down and kowtowed. "Thank you very much!" You don't have to thank me. If you commit suicide, the dead will go to hell. There is a record of your sins in the underworld, and you have to go to the 18 layers of hell to suffer. Even if there is still a chance of reincarnation, it will be after suffering in hell. The man struggled for a moment, then suddenly smiled sadly and said, "Karma!"! I was ready when I walked on this road! With that, he raised his hand and hit himself hard on the top of Tianlinggai, then fell down softly and died. Xiao Lei looked at him twice, sighed, and walked slowly out of the meditation room. The monks outside were still chanting sutras, but they did not know that the people inside were dead. Xiao Lei nodded and smiled at the monks and strode away. Hey, hey! What a cunning monk Miaoyan, with a Buddhist sarira on his body, but he didn't tell me! It seems that he is really not greedy enough to even want his life! Xiao Lei sneered in his heart and went out to look for the monk Miaoyan of Tiantai Temple. Just as he was walking outside, he saw Guanjue leading several monks. Xiao Lei went over and asked, "Where are the two bald thieves in Tiantai Temple?" Seeing him from a distance, Guan Jue looked a little embarrassed. Hearing his question, he immediately said, "They have gone down the mountain.". Last night, the two men knelt outside all night, which was a slight punishment. As soon as they left, they went down the mountain. The two of them were too ashamed to say goodbye to my brother. They told me and left. Small thunder nods, also do not talk nonsense with perception, stride flashed, the body is like a wisp of breeze to float out, chase the monk of Tiantai Temple to go. ww w . xia oshu m Chapter 215 blame you for taking the wrong name. Said Xiao Lei all the way out of the Fuhu Temple, he unfolded his body, like a gust of wind rolled out of the two ears of the wind, if someone saw him at the moment, must be thought to see a ghost in broad daylight! Just because of Xiao Lei's present appearance, if his eyesight is poor, I'm afraid he can only see the shadow of a flower floating by! But Xiao Lei chased out three miles, but suddenly did not see the people of Tiantai Temple. It turned out that Miaoyan of the Taitai Temple was also afraid. He had concealed the matter of the Buddhist Sarira. He was also greedy and just wanted to leave here. He originally thought that the matter of this sarira, the other side did not know, just can be swallowed up by themselves. Although ran a trip, did not grab what treasure, but got a sarira, is also a great harvest. So he said goodbye to the people of Fuhu Temple in a hurry, and saw that Xiao Lei was not beside him,hydraulic fitting supplier, so he asked casually, and learned that Xiao Lei was in the valley behind the mountain, and his heart was at ease. This is out of the temple. He immediately ran all the way with many of his monks.


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