Cute Wife: Uncle, I Was Wrong

Unfortunately, the eldest brother did not intend to stop at this point, sarcastically hooked the lower lip corner: "When did our Pei family take care of the family?" Hateful.

Unfortunately, the eldest brother did not intend to stop at this point, sarcastically hooked the lower lip corner: "When did our Pei family take care of the family?" Hateful. Ou Shitong was so angry that he vomited blood. He gritted his teeth and said, "Do you want to take me seriously, huh?"? Don't let go! His eyes are still persistent and burning, full of obsession, as if to say that this toy is mine, no one can touch it. He leaned forward and turned his head slightly, trying to kiss her. Ou Shitong was silent and suddenly launched an attack, raising his knees slightly. Instinctively, he stepped back to avoid her attack. Ou Shitong turned blue with anger. "If I had known you were such a thing, I really shouldn't have talked to you before." "But you took care of it. You provoked me first. I was driving my taxi to experience life, but you wanted to take my car.". Even if you take a bus, you are still confused with so many men. It's none of my business, but why did you steal my phone number, call me, and bring me to you? Don't you blame yourself? Since you did it yourself,Flush valve price, now you are responsible. Pei Yichen was aggressive, and although he retreated a little, he still looked at her with condemnation. She was so eloquent that she was speechless. Ou Shitong was stupefied and said gloomily, "It's all my fault that I don't know Mount Tai. I didn't see you as Red Boy. Shall I send you back to the head office of Bajiaodong now?" Pei Yichen was suddenly amused by her: "I just like you so funny, like you talk to me like this." Ou Shitong deeply reflected that he should not flirt everywhere. Some people are really not good at flirting. No wonder some people say that the tiger's buttocks can't be touched. She wanted to cut off the claw that touched the tiger's buttocks. What were you doing in the room with Gu Shaobei? Pei Yichen sees her not to speak, changed a topic again, a pair of eyes reveal thick displeasure again. Bad,stainless steel shower tray, the illusion of cheating on her husband, once again on her body. Ou Shitong vowed that if he came out with these two people again, he would commit suicide to apologize. It's so sick that she's almost forced to divide. We didn't do anything. As you can see, we are chatting about what your Pei family wants to do in a city this time. Ou Shitong shrugged his shoulders and recovered a little relaxed and flat. Pei Yichen stared at her, as if looking at his wife who did not observe women's morality: "Liar, I just touched, you did not even wear underwear." Ou Shitong suddenly saved his chest with his hand. Damn, when did he do it? This dead bear child. Hateful She took off her high heels. When Pei Yichen saw that the situation was not good, he turned around and retreated. He pointed back at her and said, "Forget it before. In the future, I won't allow him to touch you." Ou Shitong said coldly, "What is he? He is your fourth uncle, stainless steel squatting pan ,Concealed Flush Valve, and I am your aunt.". Little fellow, will you wake up? Unfortunately, Pei Yichen obviously did not think so. After the cruel words, he stepped forward and calmly told her: "Oh, yes, what I said just now is true. Enron drank the chicken soup on the table. It's very strange now." In fact, Ou Shitong is now in such a mess that she doesn't want to take care of Enron at all, but if she goes back, she will let the Buddha out of the wolf's den and into the tiger's den. She thinks she is not stupid. So, when Pei Yichen disappeared into the night, she chose to go to the front hall. As soon as I entered the hall, I heard some strange sounds. It's coming from the inside. The voice is strange and makes people daydream. With a tremor in his heart, Ou Shitong walked over and found Enron lying on the couch with his hands and feet tied. Gu Kaiwei stood in front with a cold face as if he didn't want to be peeped at. In fact, also a few acquaintances, Gu Shaobei and Pei Yichen at this time, unexpectedly is one step ahead of her arrival. Ou Shitong did not intend to go forward, but to observe from a distance. Although nothing can be seen, Enron is sure to be in the kind of unspeakable medicine, otherwise, the voice will not be infected with a trace of charm. Gu Shaobei retreats Gu Kaiwei to walk past, light tunnel: "I am one of our own Kaiwei." Gu Kaiwei had to awkwardly go over and say hello to Pei's little brother. But this Pei little younger brother is also a good actor, just pretends to be naive: "Gu eldest brother, Enron how?"? Do you have a stomachache? It seemed that the lady-killer who wanted to kiss her just now was a figment of her imagination. She thought silently and expressionlessly that it was the little assistant I had taken a fancy to. Cunning enough. It's not a stomachache, it's someone who hurt you. "Gu Kaiwei coughed.". So Pei Yichen took out his hands and feet to dial. "Who are you calling?" Asked Gu Kaiwei warily. "Police." Pei Yichen answered with special integrity. Ou Shitong suddenly felt a little itchy. That's how he used to deal with her. Fortunately, Gu Kaiwei stopped him in time. Forget it, I'll accompany you to your room to rest first, and we'll soon find out who did it. Gu Kaiwei insisted on asking Pei Yichen to rest, so Pei Yichen took advantage of the situation and left. It's just that when he passed by Ou Shitong, he looked at her and smiled. That smile seems innocent, but it is full of indescribable things. Ou Shitong felt that her brain cells were dying in an instant, and she could only play dumb. When everyone had gone, Gu Shaobei looked down at Enron and said, "The medicine she took is very similar to the one you took last time. Now do you still say that Lin Jinhuai is innocent?" Ou Shitong is stupefied: "Are you to say Lin Jinhuai is dry?" It should be his accomplice. This cup of chicken soup was originally for me to drink. Gu Shaobei's eyes sank slightly. Ou Shitong's heart suddenly jumped, if Gu Shaobei ate, in case he met a woman, and that woman wanted to fly to the high branch. She was confused when she thought of the maids who had been found today. Gu Shaobei looked for the nameless maid first and asked about the bowl of chicken soup. Everyone looked at Lin Caishu: "We didn't touch any chicken soup." At this time, Ou Shitong while taking care of Gu Enron, while suddenly looking up, looking at Lin Caishu,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, fundus can not believe. Lin Caishu's delicate little face was filled with panic in an instant: "How could it be me?"? My brother-in-law is really not me, but you are my brother-in-law. Besides, I'm not that stupid to put this kind of thing in chicken soup. Isn't it obvious that I'm exposing myself? 。


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