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It was time for afternoon tea, and my hands and brain were focused on business, but I still didn't forget that it was time for someone to come to the 34th floor to pay tribute.

It was time for afternoon tea, and my hands and brain were focused on business, but I still didn't forget that it was time for someone to come to the 34th floor to pay tribute. Distracted attention to the movement outside the door, the usual feeling of not enough time, now a long time up. Knock When someone knocked at the door, he sat down unconsciously and said in a low voice: "Come in." It was his baby daughter who came in. Dad, have a snack. Eat chocolate mousse today. Chocolate! His eyebrows, which were already slightly wrinkled, were tightened. 。 It is a favorite food of children, but it is not very popular with adult men. What does this Miss Zhu mean? Thank you, Huanhuan. Where is your Aunt Chu? He took the snack and put it aside, holding his daughter in his lap. Huanhuan kissed his father and said: Auntie is busy. She is having a meeting with her assistants. Please bring the refreshments down. Huanhuan is so good. So, what does Grandpa eat today? I don't believe she dares to give the old man this kind of high-calorie food. Grandpa is eating scallion pancakes today. They are delicious and delicious! That's not the same as Green Onion Pie. It's not a big one, but a small one, which is much worse than the face. I ate it,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, too! She swallowed the saliva, and she really wanted to eat another piece. The room makes the seal oh 1, the shape seems to ask idly: "Does Aunt Chu buy very little?" We bought a lot of them, but we bought ten. The driver's uncle said he couldn't let me eat at the roadside stall for fear that I would get sick. But I still wanted to eat, so my aunt gave it to me. She said that it was very delicious,Time Delay Tap, at least let me eat it once, I like it very much, I finished a big piece! Later, when I returned to the company, I was killed by those aunts. The uncles split the light. Hee! Grandpa took two pieces. 。」 "Didn't you leave a piece for your father?" My stomach suddenly felt very hungry, and I was eager to eat the delicious food in my daughter's mouth. Why doesn't he have this kind of staff who knows how to buy delicious food? Anyone who works hard deserves to be rewarded with the best food, right? ?! "Auntie left a piece for you, but Grandpa ate it when everyone wasn't looking." She wrinkled her little nose and felt that Grandpa had gone too far recently! You don't listen to your aunt. I often eat a lot of snacks secretly, so I don't eat when I get home. "So that's all Dad can eat?" He asked. 'Ah! I almost forgot. She gave a cry and carefully pulled out a portion of food wrapped in oiled paper from the small leather bag she was carrying. "Father, please eat." "Pancakes with spring onions?" He smelled. "Yes, I've already finished my portion. My aunt saw that I wanted to eat more, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Manual Flush Valve, so she gave me half of her portion." Originally, she wanted to eat after she came home, but when she saw that her father had not eaten, she felt so pitiful that she decided to invite her father to eat. Fang Lingxi smiled happily, not because of the delicious food, but because of her daughter's filial piety. "No, just eat." "Well.." Why don't we each take a bite and eat together? She held her hands high. He did not refuse, took a small bite, and immediately liked the fragrance and chewiness. The skin is crisp, the inside is soft and tough, and the onion flavor is delicious and sweet. No wonder my father could eat three in one breath. He hadn't had such a good appetite for a long time. "Your Aunt Chu seems to be very good at finding delicious food, doesn't she?" "Yes, I eat something different every day." "That's nice." A small piece of cake was soon finished, and he pulled out the tissue to wipe their hands and mouths, saying: "Come, Father, take you up." Then he picked her up. "I'm not a baby anymore. I can go up by myself." She moved her little body slightly and wanted to come down and walk by herself. She is ten years old and can no longer be carried by adults. Fang Lingxi carried her out of the office and whispered in her ear: Huanhuan only likes Aunt Chu now, but she doesn't like Dad anymore, does she? Happy is going to be a bad boy. ……」 The tone was suspiciously copied from an old gentleman surnamed Fang. Huanhuan hurriedly put his arm around his father's neck and loudly clarified: No! I like dad best. They even left the snacks for you! "But Huan Huan won't let daddy hold her." How bleak the voice is. "All right, I'll give you a hug." "But Huan Huan won't let Dad take you upstairs." How silent the tone is. All right, all right! Just carry me upstairs. 。」 She's ready to be laughed at. There was a gleam of triumph in his eyes, but not a smile. Otherwise, he wouldn't have behaved shamelessly like his father all day long and ended up disdaining dogs; once he succeeded in acting shamelessly, he couldn't wait to show people how proud he was. It's a white eye. Father and daughter were about to approach the stairs; it was only one floor away, and they always climbed the stairs. The situation is very leisurely, but after all, he is the general manager who is busy every day, and he has no leisure. "General Manager, this is the latest contract from Hong Kong.." "General Manager, Mr. Lin of Darong Electric would like to make an appointment with you to discuss orders for the second quarter.." "The general manager, the hotel manager called to confirm the menu and price of the tail tooth." Fang Lingxi half turned around and faced three faces waiting for the answer: Orders and contracts are handled by the associate. Menus, that sort of thing.. It's amazing. When did he have to do everything himself? "It's not too difficult for you to decide for yourselves, is it?" "But, but,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal," the special assistant's handsome, serious face was pulled into a Steamed Small Meat Dumpling in Basket. "No problem." The two new secretaries nodded in unison. In fact, they don't think it's necessary to ask their superiors about this kind of thing at all. It's too trivial. "I'll leave it to you." He's gone. "General Manager.." Someone began to groan. Secretary Chen couldn't help asking when he saw the consistent and dignified expressions of the special assistant and the assistants. "Is there a problem?".


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