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Mo Chengli ran out with trepidation and saw a mess on the ground. He hurried over to help Emperor Changyuan and patted him on the back. "

Mo Chengli ran out with trepidation and saw a mess on the ground. He hurried over to help Emperor Changyuan and patted him on the back. "The emperor calmed down, the emperor calmed down. I don't think King Anping is sincere. I think he has the momentum of your youth." Emperor Changyuan was stunned. "What did you say, you old man?" As soon as he scolded Lu Shen's son of a bitch, the old man said that he was like him? Mo Chengli quickly knelt down, "the emperor calms down, the slave talks nonsense, nonsense." Although he tried his best to save it, Emperor Changyuan seemed to be in a daze. He grabbed Mo Chengli by the collar and asked him, "You old man, why do you think Lu Shen is like me?" Mo Chengli's eyes dodged, and Emperor Changyuan pressed on. Suddenly, the old eunuch, who was over fifty years old, knelt down in front of the emperor and cried, "Master, before Miss He got married, I was drunk with you in the palace. That time it was actually done. It was just that the old slave did not indicate it in the daily record for the sake of the girl's reputation.". Later, Miss He married Queen Anping, and soon she had a little prince, but the little prince was premature. The old slave had to think more about it. He wanted to rot it in his stomach, but now that his majesty and Lord Lu were at daggers drawn, the old slave couldn't help it. With these words, Mo Chengli began to cry. Emperor Changyuan fell back a few steps in shock,lycopene for skin, and as if remembering something, he kicked the old eunuch hard, "You old dog, say, who told you to arrange these?" Mo Chengli burst into tears and was kicked by Emperor Changyuan to roll on the ground: "Your Majesty, the old slave was wronged. Every word the old slave said is true. He never told a lie.." Tired of kicking, Emperor Changyuan sat on the ground. His mind was filled with the gentle eyes of Lu Shen's mother. Looking at him quietly, he could not help murmuring, "Is Lu Shen my son?" Mo Chengli wiped his tears,saw palmetto extract, and the corners of his eyes revealed a trace of imperceptible malevolence. When Wen Yu received the ultimatum from the prince, she was at a loss. Remembering her loyal follower, she arrived at the General's Office by car. Ji Niannian did not expose Song Qi, she was fishing, she knew that Song Qi and Wen Yu would have a late move, rather than shouting like a waste to blame, it is better to wait for their next action to catch all. No, she waited. Lu Bo said that when Song Qi and Wen Yu came to see her together, she had a kind of inexplicable excitement and asked Lu Bo to bring them in. At this time, the green cherry hugged a jar of wine, which was brewed by Ji Niannian before. It was called a dream for a thousand years. It was said that people who drank this wine were sleeping and had a very long dream. The content of the dream was very real. Even if they woke up, some people often did not want to go out of the dream, so they were called madmen! Ji Niannian felt that for these two people who deliberately wanted to harm themselves, it would be better to treat them with a dream for a thousand years. So as soon as they entered the flower hall, Ji Niannian sat in front of the round table in the hall, smiling with curved eyes. Warmly entertain them, carnosic acid price ,rosmarinic acid supplement, "come, come, come and sit down, Wang Ye and I can get back together, thanks to the credit of the two.". On that day, Wen Yu's sister reminded me that if I was pregnant, I would not mess around. Marrying Wang Ye was really a blessing for several lifetimes. And my cousin came to talk to me that night, but I was surprised to find the hidden guard sent by Xianggong, which made me realize how much Xianggong cared about me. So ha, you two are really grateful benefactors. It's right to invite you to have a drink. Wen Yu and Song Qi listen to the corners of the mouth straight twitch, together with the two good, is really their credit? No, they didn't take the blame. It was the couple who teased them. They didn't mean to divorce at all, so they made up so quickly. They came here today to avenge their shame. They looked at each other and reached an agreement. The two of them came up with a deadly plan to let Song Qi defile Ji Niannian's innocence, while she was responsible for comforting Lu Shen and provoking their relationship. Wine is the best medium, but if Ji Niannian got Song Qi drunk, wouldn't it be more convincing to catch him in bed? But Wen Yu, after all, is the product of Gong Dou. She has a lot of ideas. She was afraid of Ji Niannian's way and said, "If you want this princess to drink, you can, unless you drink first.". ” Ji Niannian looked embarrassed, "I'm pregnant." Wen Yu smiled contemptuously, "then let the princess choose a person to drink, if she drinks nothing, the princess will naturally drink." Ji Niannian nodded yes, Bai Wei volunteered, "the maidservant came to drink." Wen Yu glanced at her and rolled her eyes contemptuously. She asked someone to invite the servant girl who was sweeping outside to come over. She was afraid that Ji Niannian would drug the wine. Bai Wei was so active that she might have drunk the antidote. Then she took her by surprise and let the girl come to test the poison. The sweeper girl was drunk and stood for a while, but there was nothing unusual. Bai Wei proudly raised eyebrows, her princess has long had the foresight, let them all drink the antidote of this dream for thousands of years, in fact, the antidote of this wine is very common, but milk, if you drink milk in advance, drink this wine will not say the past. Wen Yu saw that it was all right for the girl to drink, and then she was relieved that she didn't dare to do anything with the princess of a country. Ji Niannian toasted them with tea instead of wine. Wen Yu curled her lips and said in disgust, "I'm not sincere at all." In Anping Wangfu, she could not stand up, but was used to satirizing Ji Niannian. Song Qi was attracted by the mellow taste of the wine and couldn't wait to drink it. "Good wine!" Wen Yu also drank it up, but she didn't know whether it was good or not. She just hoped that Song Qi would get drunk, so she said, "This wine is really good. Mr. Song will drink a few more cups." Green cherry hurriedly poured wine for Song Qi, and he drank two more cups. Wen Yu felt a little confused and turned pale with fright. "The wine is poisonous!" She cried softly. Unfortunately, he fainted before he had finished speaking. Song Qi turned pale with fright and fainted. Watching two people sleeping, Ji Nian Nian smiled with curved eyes, small sample, fight with me, wait for you to wake up and feel better. Chapter 70 Finale (rewrite). After Lu Shen left the palace, he first went to find Jin Fengxuan and asked him to convert his shares in the property of the Jin family into cash. He wanted to use it to reward the soldiers who had won the battle. Jin Fengxuan is very puzzled, after listening to Lu Shen said bullshit imperial edict,pumpkin seed extract, trembling with anger, said willing to donate one million two, just to let the southwest army have a good year. prius-biotech.com


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