Happiness is not miss the target

The emotion of gathering less and leaving more spread from the chest to the body.

The emotion of gathering less and leaving more spread from the chest to the body. Mu Kewei raised his head and breathed lightly over He Hongxun's face, letting him ask for the sweetness of her mouth. His little hand unconsciously reached into his military uniform and timidly stroked his thin waist through his white shirt. He Hongxun was so moved that he wrapped her in his coat and put her on the door and kissed her more deeply. The alarm was finally lifted, and Mu Ke and He Hongxun made up as before. The continuous warming of feelings has made the proposal of the deputy head of the delegation much smoother. It's just that Mu's lovely and disruptive temper can't be changed, and it's barely an "affectionate" proposal, which makes her turn yellow in a snap of her fingers! —— Sweet happiness Ever since he and Muke upgraded from a gay relationship to a lover relationship, he Hongxun has not seriously accompanied her to watch a movie or go shopping. So before he came out of the army this time, he took care of all his anxious work and planned to spend a weekend with Mu Ke. Knowing that he had set aside two whole days to accompany her, Mu Ke jumped and jumped like a child, holding his face and kissing it. Infected by her good mood, He Hongxun took off his overcoat and military uniform, untied his tie, rolled up his shirt sleeves and carried the dishes into the kitchen, saying that he wanted to show his little girlfriend. Mu Ke questioned his ability. He frowned and asked, "Cooking is a technical job. Can you do it?" The tone is as big as if he is a master. He Hongxun raised his big hand high and patted her on the forehead. He Hongxun answered confidently: "Don't forget that I was a scout. I can't even cook a meal to survive in the wild." Mu Ke nodded first, and then grabbed the dish without refusal. "I'll cook," he said. "You help me. Go and pick the dish first.." Despite her mediocre skills, she suddenly wanted to cook a meal for He Hongxun. He Hongxun is very sensible and does not deprive his little girlfriend of the right to play virtuous. Stealing a kiss on her cheek, he teased her while picking vegetables: "Yes, obey the leadership arrangement!"! From now on,artificial coconut palm trees, everything in the kitchen is under the full command of the pastoral teacher. Mu Ke was elated and impolitely directed the deputy regimental commander round and round. He Hongxun did not complain, absolutely obey orders, two people are very busy. He Hongxun was not calm when Mu Ke was "chopping" vegetables. He was frightened and took the knife. He said seriously, "That's a vegetable, not an enemy. How can you gnash your teeth?". Come on, I'll give you a demonstration. Pay attention to the main points of action! Between the words, it has been cut neatly. Unexpectedly, his knife skills were so good that Mu Ke looked at them carefully,fake ficus tree, learned them modestly, and then cut them in exchange for someone's sincere praise. Glancing at the results of the war at the same level as her internal affairs, He Hongxun said with a smile, "It's all right. I'm not so stupid!" Seeing that Mu Ke had the impulse to kill him with a kitchen knife, he immediately changed his tune: "Progress is very fast, not bad, very potential, continue to work hard." Mu Ke seldom cooks at ordinary times, and his cooking skills are naturally different from those of He Yayan. However, he Hongxun felt that the meal was particularly delicious. Seeing that he had eaten almost all the dishes, Mu could not help wondering: "How come your stomach has not been raised by Ya Yan? My uncle has only tasted Ya Yan's craft a few times, but it is hard for me to swallow what I have made. It is a blow to my enthusiasm for life." He Hongxun raised his eyes, took a satisfied sip of soup, artificial grass panels ,faux ficus tree, and said carelessly, "If I have the same standard as him, you will have to stay at home!" How dare you say she can't get married! Mu Ke knocked hard on the back of He Hongxun's hand with chopsticks, and the pain made him grin. After dinner, Mu Ke wore a floral apron to wash the dishes. He Hongxun tidied up the bookshelves for her, sorted out the CDs and books left on the carpet, and squatted at the bedroom door to criticize her: "How can I have such a sloppy wife?". Forget it, you can't turn a blind eye according to the standards of the army. Like He Hongxun, who has a very high demand for internal affairs, Mu Ke's small nest is naturally not satisfactory to him, and he has to release water. Had she not seen it with her own eyes, it was hard to imagine that a man with a cold and hard appearance would put down his posture and clean up the room for her. Mu Ke was very moved in her heart, but she refused to give in. She retaliated: "Who is your wife? Don't make a name for her.". You know, I'm still mine, and I have no substantive relationship with Deputy Head He. When He Hongxun heard this, he raised his eyebrows and said proudly, "Don't be stubborn. Believe it or not, you will belong to me in less than three months.". "With a bad look in his eyes, he added, word by word:" From head to toe! " Mu Ke picked up the rag at hand and threw it at him. He Hongxun caught it with a laugh, put down the disc and went into the kitchen. He hugged Mu Ke in his arms and put his chin on her shoulder. He Hongxun's arms are very strong, his arms are very secure, and Mu Ke's petite body fits very well in his chest. The picture of intimate embrace is like a newly married couple, which looks inseparable and warm. Ears slightly red, Mu Ke murmured protest: "Don't make trouble, delay my work." He Hongxun chuckled, and his big hand around her waist was slightly closed, so that she pressed closer to his body. His lips were close to her cheek and whispered: "You do yours, I do mine, and don't interfere with each other." With that, he moved his lips down and gently touched her delicate neck. Where to bear his deliberate teasing, Mu Ke's legs are a little weak, her hands are still in the water, but her eyes are unconsciously closed. In a trance, I heard He Hongxun say with a smile: "There is no substantive relationship, right?"? See what I do with you tonight! Satisfied with the instant stiffness of her body, he hugged her hard and laughed out of the kitchen. Teasing her again! Mu Ke punched and kicked his back and continued to wash the dishes angrily, making a ping-pong sound from time to time to show his indignation. After cleaning the battlefield, He Hongxun sat in the living room watching the military channel. Mu Ke sat in front of him with a computer in his arms to apply for a new QQ number. Then he taught him how to change his head portrait, set up his signature, send information, chat and so on, which made someone speechless. After taking a glance at the QQ number and keeping it in mind, He Hongxun turned off the computer and reminded him with a straight face: "Little Comrade,silk ficus tree, any how I am so highly educated, andcan'tgosofarashavenonotion ofsuchthings.". " At least I have received higher education, so I can't even figure out things at this level. 。 hacartificialtree.com


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