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"Hehehehe," Mo Yan could not help but cover his mouth and laugh. " What are you laughing at,

"Hehehehe," Mo Yan could not help but cover his mouth and laugh. " What are you laughing at, little girl? Ye Er-niang said. This man is really interesting. If he can't beat others, he will say that they use sorcery. In this way, aren't there sorcery everywhere in the world? Ye Erniang looked at Lu Wucheng, "boy, I seem to have seen you somewhere!" "Oh?"? Is it? There are a lot of people who want to see me these days, but there's no chance. You're lucky today. "Oh," the two girls couldn't help laughing. Ye Er-niang was not annoyed either. She looked at the two young girls behind Lu Wu-cheng and said, "My little brother is really lucky. There are two such beautiful little girls following him. I really envy others!" The two girls blushed. "What are you talking about?" Lu Wucheng smiled, "but no matter how you compare, so many men behind you, is it not better than the next hundred times?" "Smelly boy!"! What did you say Fan Yinghu said in a loud voice, "This is the head of our Qingfeng Stronghold!"! How can you compare with the master! Ye Erniang smiled, "but boy,65 inch touch screen, I'd like to see these two little girls who you care more about, if two people have to die, who do you want to accompany you?" "What do you mean?" Don't get me wrong! It's just that all my brothers in Qingfeng Stronghold haven't got a wife yet. I just want to ask my little brother to give one of these two little girls to my brother as his wife. What do you think? "Ha ha ha ha!" Fan Yinghu laughed, "I am still short of a laundry and cooking, having such a beautiful wife is really desirable!"! Ha ha ha "You are so shameless!" Mo Yan said with shame and indignation. Second brother, you have to solve your own problems. Whether you have a wife or not depends on you today! "Good!" Lu Wucheng watched Fan Yinghu come over with a bad smile. "What are you going to do?" "Hey!" Fan Yinghu suddenly came over with a knife. Lu Wucheng was frightened and dodged. Who would have thought that Fan Yinghu's move was a false move,smart board whiteboard, and while waiting for Lu Wucheng to dodge, he grabbed Wang Ziyan to one side. At this time, when Fan Yinghu's hand was about to catch Wang Ziyan, suddenly a bamboo chopstick flew rapidly, just inserted in Fan Yinghu's palm, penetrating the whole palm. Ah Fan Yinghu cried out in pain, and the broadsword in his hand fell to the ground with blood flowing. 60.-Chapter 60 Breeze Stronghold 60 Ye Er-niang looked at the man who had made the attack, and it was Xue Qianhe who was standing quietly beside her. The old man is so vicious! To use such a vicious trick! "Ha ha ha," Xue Qianhe stood up, "no matter how vicious it is, it is not as good as one tenth of the big master, interactive panel board ,interactive whiteboard for schools, so bullying men and women! Only a robber like you can do it! "You want to die!" Ye Er-niang was furious and waved the whip out of her hand. With a bang, the wooden table on one side was smashed to pieces. Ye Er-niang looked very fierce on the surface, but her martial arts were not very good. After a few moves, she was defeated by Xue Qianhe. Defeated by the old man today, I have nothing to say! Go Ye Er-niang waved her hand and motioned the brothers to retreat. But Ye Er-niang went to the door and suddenly threw a dart at her. Cheng'er, be careful! When Ye Er-niang saw that they had fallen into the trap, she waved her whip and just wrapped Wang Ziyan around her. Hey! Ye Er-niang pulled Wang Ziyan over forcefully. Ziyan! "Ye Er-niang threw Wang Ziyan on horseback and sat down with a flying body." If you want to save her, come to Qingfeng Stronghold if you can! "Ziyan!" Lu Wucheng was about to chase, but did not know where suddenly rushed over a beggar, blocking his way. When Lu Wucheng saw you, he couldn't help turning pale with fright. General Lin? Lin Jiannan looked around, then pulled Lu Wucheng's arm, "it's not convenient to talk here, borrow a step to say." General Lin, what are you doing here? How did it come to this? Lin Jiannan looked around mysteriously, and after making sure that no one was around, he took out a letter from his bosom. "What is this?" "Little brother, the situation is urgent, I have to give you this letter, you must personally give it to the hands of General Qi, do you know?" "What the hell happened?" "This is a matter of national security. You must." "General Lin!" A hidden weapon sank deep into the back of Lin Jiannan's heart, and several men in black jumped down from the roof. Who are you? Several men in black did not answer, brandished a knife and cut it over. Lu Wucheng pulled out his sword and suddenly gave a loud shout. The men in black only saw a flash of cold light in front of them, and then they settled down in place and fell to the ground. When Lu Wucheng went to see Lin Jiannan again, he had already died. Breeze at the foot of the mountain. Two men wearing red scarves carried heavy wine jars, talking and laughing, and rushed up the hill. Today is a big day for our two masters. Do you think we can drink enough wine for our brothers? "Then what can we do? The second master only gives so little money. Is it difficult for us to pay for it ourselves?" "That's true, but the second-in-command is really lucky to rob such a beautiful girl. Why don't we have that good fortune?" 'What's The matter? What's wrong with you? Why don't I help you, brother, and let the second master give you the woman? Are you kidding me? If the second master hears this, he won't be able to punish you! Hurry up and don't waste time! "Well, when can we find a decent wife to warm the quilt?" In front of him was a winding narrow path, beside which was an abyss of ten thousand feet. Lu Wucheng hid carefully in the bushes and watched the two men come slowly. In this world, being an official is not as comfortable as being a robber. You can do whatever you want? No one can control it! "Don't tell me that those officials are not as good as us. We are robbing openly. Those people can only play tricks secretly. Can they compare with us?" "Ha ha ha, that's right,smart boards for conference rooms, that's right!" Breeze in the village. Ye Erniang, dressed in purple, sat on a tiger-skin chair.


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