The dead husband is watching.

Tiankui Star and Ziwei Star.. I went to the balcony, because it was daytime,

Tiankui Star and Ziwei Star.. I went to the balcony, because it was daytime, I couldn't find the two stars, so I had to look at them at night. Night I think of Blackie observing the starry sky alone on the balcony. Did he leave because the two stars were connected? "Zhou Jing, can the connection between Tiankui Star and Ziwei Star bring the dead back to life?" I asked hesitantly. What Zhou Jing thought she had misheard. It's all right. I'll hang up and call you later. Zhou Jing's level is not much better than mine. I'd better call my hometown. The Gao family must know that Tiankui Star and Ziwei Star are about to be connected. They have no action at all. I'd like to know the reason. I called my hometown and was laughed at by my cousin who answered the phone. He said that although the power of astrology is strong, it is impossible to use it because it is too strong. If the Gao family had to take care of this, they would have been busy to death. Gao Xing, you can't help the family and don't make trouble for the family. If you have time to see the stars, you might as well wash your eyes. You can't even see a little spirit. Are you really a child of the Gao family? Don't let someone switch it and force it on our family. "Third brother, although you are a bastard, I still want to tell you that three girls have died in my school. Someone must have the idea of double stars." I really want to get out of the microphone and punch that arrogant face. If you think someone is up to something, you can catch it yourself. I don't have time to take care of your debt. Cousin finished and hung up the phone. I want to clip his tongue! Although my mother and his father are the same life in the final analysis, I still can't control my angry mood. Evil debt, I hate this word most. At first, Master Jiang called me that. Gradually,temperature screening kiosk, my younger brothers and sisters followed suit and called me that! I just have a scientific world outlook. As for making me a class enemy? You can check it by yourself. You have learned spells for a few more years than I have. It's not rare. I pray to God silently. God, let the thunder strike my third brother's chrysanthemum. Zhou Jing and I have set up a special investigation team. I am the group leader, she is the deputy group leader, and there is another member of the team, that is, Zhou Jing,thermal imaging camera, a waste kid who can only eat. I have sent Zhao Yun to watch around your school and report to me at the first sign of trouble. Zhou Jing told me that "Zhao Yun" was the name she gave to the little nigger she raised, which implied that she hoped it would be as brave and skillful as Zhao Zilong of Changshan in the Three Kingdoms Period. I think her wish was very vague. Both Li Yi and Meng Jiao felt that I was doing useless work. What else could I do without Brother Cat? This remains to be verified. Only Lin Sijia supported me verbally. Later, she was kind enough to give me her string of wooden Buddha beads. Sister, it's better for you. I won't let you down. I'll touch Lin Sijia. Brother, it's better to get the cat back as soon as possible. Without the protection of the cat, the disciples are frightened day and night. Lin Sijia answered. Tears run, my role is the cat brother's nanny! Zhou Jing and I tried our best to think about the murderer who was hiding in the dark. It would soon be the third seven days. Just in time, we waited for him to come into the trap. At the south gate of the school, which corresponds to the midpoint between the two stars, we set up the Jiuyang Yanjun Array. Although Zhou Jing and I have limited strength, we can use the amulets of our grandparents as the eyes of the array to enhance our strength. After dinner, smart interactive whiteboard ,face detection android, we hid near the south gate, adjusted our breathing, relaxed our bodies, and let the spiritual power naturally come out and merge into the surrounding air. Well, I admit that I don't need to relax my spiritual power. At night, the air was full of dangerous blood. I kept whirling Lin Sijia's wooden beads on my wrist. The beads had turned slightly red. Brother Cat was right. This man was not something we could deal with. I hid behind the doorpost and rode a tiger. The school has issued a forbidden door notice, and people in the school are in a panic because of two consecutive "robberies". If it weren't for the girls who were tired of living, they would never run out in the middle of the night. I don't know why the man aimed at the girls in our school. Maybe he has been studying here for a long time and has been infected with bad luck. Now the girls are staying in the dormitory to see how much magic he can catch them out. The fishy smell, Gao Xing, what a heavy fishy smell. Don't move. If you are found, you will be killed. "Zhou Jing is hiding close to me, I can feel the stiffness of her body, even I can feel the danger, not to mention her.". I peeked through the crack between the doorposts and saw a girl in pajamas running outside the south gate, panting as if she was waiting for someone. I really want to rush out and hit her on the back of the head. Girl, how desperate you are! Don't you know that the school is not allowed to go out at night! Strange. How did she get out? Where's the doorman? What about the police on patrol? It seems that I haven't seen plainclothes policemen and police cars since the moon came out. Zhou Jing, do you feel too quiet? Where are all the police? I moved my face here and there, but I couldn't see the policeman through the angle. Shh. Don't talk. Pretend you're dead. Zhou Jing grabbed my hand, and there was already a layer of cold sweat in her palm. Although I look calm, the heart is already cold, if the cat brother in the good ah, I am not too dependent on it? Watching the girl wait for a while, as if another man had come outside the isolated South Gate, Zhou Jing and I had our hearts in our throats, and this would not be the real murderer. The girl hugged the man's neck, I worry too much, this is just a pair of desperate tryst lovers, the man printed a kiss on the girl's forehead, and then raised his slender neck, I just saw his face, XO! Brother Cat! The author has something to say: How much is more at 10 pm PS。 Beat JJ, what do you want to do! 34 34, amorous night.. "The cat.." Just as I was about to make a sound, Zhou Jing covered my mouth from behind. My eyes widened as I watched the cat-like man kiss the girl's cheek, and my fists hurt unconsciously. No, I shouldn't be impulsive. Maybe I was wrong. After all,face recognition identification kiosk, I couldn't see clearly from too far away. The excitement of the moment had made my breath confused, and I obviously felt that for a second I met the man's eyes, but he looked away and pretended not to notice me.


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