Peerless Sky Fox

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Jinjiang Crossing Text Updated: 2009-12-21 16:11:18 Number of words in this chapter: 2716 At night, Huangpu Ning lay quietly on the floor, and she said, "Yes!"! Where can a child with a black belly be so kind? It didn't make her tremble. She remembered Chu Huan's stiff face at the moment she lifted the quilt. Didn't you just peep at him? Do you have to be so stingy? If you don't look, don't look. Who wants it! But then again, the underbelly black kid is really good-looking. After such a fuss just now. Huang Pu Ning also put down his heart. The underbelly kid shouldn't be doing anything tonight. As soon as she thought about it, her spirit relaxed. The time in the ice pool consumed too much of her physical strength and energy. Even though I slept for three days in a row, my body was still very weak. She immediately fell into a deep sleep. Chu Huan himself had his back to her, and when he heard the sound of breathing behind him gradually becoming steady and long, he knew that the man had gone to sleep. He turned over quietly and looked at the quiet and serene sleeping face of the man on the floor, and his body, which was tightly huddled together because of the cold. He rolled out of bed and went to pick her up. The man in his arms quietly stretched out his arm to him. Hold him tight. The little face rubbed against his chest twice. Chu Huan's silent smile. He carried her to the bed. Why is this man (this fox)? He likes to pester him when he is asleep. And when you wake up, you can't wait to get away from him? He doesn't understand. He really doesn't understand. Chu Huan carried her to bed. Looking at her delicate little face in the moonlight, more and more beautiful. He had an impulse to reach out his finger and rub it gently on his cherry red lips. The tentacles are moist and delicate. He suddenly wanted to take a bite on her delicate lips. He didn't know what it was called, but he wanted to do it. The man on the bed gave a meaningless sound, and his small mouth held Chu Huan's clean fingers without warning. Chu Huan's heart moved greatly and he drew back his fingers like an electric shock. What did he just do?! Chu Huan suddenly woke up with a start, vaguely feeling that the idea just now was not good, very bad. Could it be that I was confused by the girl who turned into a fox?! What a terrible idea, at this time Huangpu Ning's quiet sleeping face in his eyes is no evil charm! He gave her a disgusted look and went to the floor to meditate. Moyun is determined to meditate. Do not know how long, he slightly opened his eyes, dark eyes are already a piece of Pure Brightness. Chu Huan saw that the person on the bed seemed to be waking up, so he picked her up with the quilt and threw her on the floor. He went to bed and got up. Sure enough, the people on the ground hugged the quilt and rolled around a few times. They woke up with a confused face, but suddenly stopped. Huangpu Ning peeked at the sleeping Chu Huan, and when he saw that the other party seemed unaware, he quietly got up and walked gently to the door. Cough! A gentle cough made her body stop in place, and Huangpu Ning turned back a little stiffly. The person on the bed did not know when to get up. You're going there. The tone is flat, but it is the most dangerous signal for Huangpu Ning. She felt a cold sweat on her forehead. But in the eyes of the man on the bed, there was no joy, no anger. Light without waves. I I'm going to find.. The word "master" was swallowed by her in time, Inflatable mechanical bull , and then she opened her mouth and stammered, "I, I'm going to find something to eat." She did not know why she was nervous when she saw Chu Huan, which was totally different from the leisure and comfort that Wenna brought to her. Grapes? There was a playful smile at the corners of his mouth, and his eyes narrowed slightly. Looked at the woman in front of him because of his words, eyebrows and eyes infected with a thick sense of anger. This fellow, that pot, don't mention that pot! Do you still think she is a fox who is bullied by others? Now she can not only pick the grapes, but also pick all the grapes! Make raisins! Wine! Huangpu Ning stared at him angrily, but she could only stare at him, because now she could not beat him. As a result, wait for her to go out and look at the back. There is not a single grape on that wild vine! She suddenly remembered Chu Huan's playful smile! Damn Chu Huan! Huangpu Ning stamped his feet bitterly. Turned around like the wind rushed into the beautiful man master's room, habitually swooped at him, dangling on his body. "Shifu ~ I'm hungry ~" His eyes were starry and he looked at yuan Qing pitifully. " Oh? There should be some rice in the kitchen! Go and cook some porridge yourself! yuan Qing reached out to pull her down from her body, but she refused to come down. He chuckled and let her go. "Do you want to be a teacher for the rest of your life?" He asked. "Why not?" The master said so good-looking. Out of the corner of his eye, he seemed to catch a glimpse of Chu Huan, who was about to step out of the door. Remembering the man's cold tone, Huang Pu Ning shivered. yuan Qing took a slightly enlightened look at Chu Huan's slightly blue face. With a slight smile, he lowered his head and said to the man hanging on his body, "You haven't got rid of your evil nature. Remember to soak in the ice pool for an hour every day." With a bitter face, Huangpu Ning said, "Ah ~ ~ ~" in an elongated tone, expressing her strong dissatisfaction. yuan Qing ignored his complaint, gently brushed off her hand, and Shi Shiran floated away. Huang Pu Ning remembered the man behind him and stood stiffly in place for a long time before he moved his steps with difficulty and walked to the kitchen. As he walked, he said, "Teacher, Elder Martial Brother, I'll go.." Cooking. The dark eyes trembled. Chu Huan stood in place with his sword in his hand, and Huang Pu Ning thought he would not reply. Only then did his voice come without any waves. "Well, make some for me, too." Huangpu Ning almost thought his ears were wrong, looked up at him in surprise, and he had walked slowly to the peach blossom forest,Inflatable water park on lake, most of the figure was hidden by the crisscross of peach blossoms. Why is the child with a black belly so easy to talk to today?! Do you suddenly see a change?! Huang Pu Ning shook his head, put aside this absurd idea, and turned into the kitchen to look for rice.


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