About Oru Social


ORU aims to be the best South African and Africa’s global Social Network in years to come.People should be able to search for services and find them on ORU. We aim to give best value to our users and partners (advertisers and customers)

Our users will learn a tradition of finding services they need on ORU before going to other places, that is if they do not find what they are looking for.

We will ensure that we bring all industries, sectors and governments together on one platform.

That will speed up service delivery and emergency needs to those sectors clients, partners or customers.

We aim at developing our community socially and economically focusing on goodwill works, values and charity.

To teach our youth the best business practices and values while creating opportunities where applicable.

Overall we aim at moving with technology and improve as it improves. In future if your brand is not ORU ,it will not be considered a good brand and your competition will slay you, bear it in mind.


ORU is a social platform that brings the world together in the form of social networkers .business networkers, advertisers, partners, entrepreneurs, governments, corporates, industries, sectors, automobile, celebrities and students.

The list goes on for business and purposes.We aim at providing high quality social,business,professional and advertising services, while teaching our communitiesthe importance of shifting their businesses to the internet while this technology era unfolds.

ORU is in a mission to educate our communities why social media is important to their businesses to increase revenue and production.

  • To cut travel costs for businesses and marketers and switch to home business practices for maximum benefits and revenue.
  • Access their target market and audiences while sitting at home.
  • To run a sustainable social platform that will bring value to businesses and individuals socially and economically.
  • To provide our governments, businesses, corporates, entrepreneursvarious industries, professionals easily accessible user base to market their products and services that will increase production and open more job and business opportunities.
  • We are in a mission of increasing entrepreneurship mind-set to our youth so they can run their own businesses and eradicate poverty.
  • We achieve this by holding powerful workshops seminars and classes to empower them.


We give thanks to our sponsors for believing in us and contributing to our growth.


Datahack Recognition and another BIG WIN for us...


Another great recognition from AWIEF, the award-winning pan-African women economic empowerment organisation.


MTN Partnership


Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF)

A really big thanks to Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) for believing in our project orusocial.com. Out of 400,000 businesses and projects that participated in the TEF 2021 worldwide, we are among the 1000 top businesses that are selected.