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Coil nail machine manufacturers products used in the decoration industry, but we are in the process of using, sometimes found defective products, this is what reason is caused?

Coil nail machine manufacturers products used in the decoration industry, but we are in the process of using, sometimes found defective products, this is what reason is caused?
According to introducing, coil nail machine appear damage caused many reasons, first of all, we are in the process of making it, because in the process of some mistakes coil nail machine there are some defects Nail Making Machine manufacturers on the surface, if some defect or it will lead to damage to the product equipment Second is we in the process of transportation volume nail machine, hard to avoid can appear and it caused the coil nail machine damage, but these are just superficial, the use of actual impact is not big.
So this also reminds us that at the time of production volume nail machine, pay attention to the improvement process, avoid the coil nail machine appeared defects, transportation volume nail machine also must have the special storage and transportation equipment, avoid volume nail machine, the phenomenon of the surface damage.
According to introducing, coil nail machine design and applications, it is the ideal substitute of traditional common round nails, now is widely used in construction, decoration, decoration, decoration, no nail head nails, after laying no nail marks, features suitable for senior decoration industry. Is mainly used in furniture production and all kinds of wooden products, furniture manufacturing for sofa chair, sofa cloth and leather, and decoration industry used in the ceiling, thin plate, wooden industry used in the outer sheet wire nail machine manufacturers concrete steel nails have similar in shape and round nails, thick head briefly, suitable for hard and soft wood, bamboo pieces, ordinary plastic, wall foundry, such as furniture, packaging, wooden case, you should pay attention to distinguish. Coil nail machine play an irreplaceable role in architectural decoration industry, we believe that in the near future will see it in more places.
Volume and the introduction of nail nail factory of home products used for decoration and furniture production, use the right way, then we come to understand the related content.
According to introducing, when we use the pin objects by air pressure according to the size of the material and the size of the nail, setting the ideal low pressure air pressure to start, gradually increase the pressure, until you reach satisfactory nailing effect; And before using the tool to check the air pressure, otherwise may cause blowout of tools, nail fast nailing must Nail machine manufacturer keep the required pressure, or underpowered can't repeating; If more than verification work pressure, for coil nail machine machine buffer, head valve, sealing ring, firing pin has a great damage.
So at work, should choose volume nail pattern according to the use of wood, if in use meet very hard wood, such as miscellaneous wood nail must be adjusted according to actual situation, to ensure the use effect of coil nail machine.
The coil nail machine machine maintenance ZhiShiJuan nail machine manufacturer told us, cooperate to use coil nail pattern can greatly improve the working efficiency, but also need to nail pattern makes the corresponding maintenance, then we come to understand the related content.
First of all, if it is a long time do not use the coil nail pattern, shall be anointed with oil to prevent rust on the airframe metal parts; Secondly, need to pay attention to the machine is not under low temperature placed in warm, dry place to and note should be placed in the children's reach. Also need to be aware of, nail machine in use after a period of time will have normal wear and tear, so every once in a while to do maintenance on a regular basis.
Also, pay attention to use the recommended special nailing oil, lubrication volume nail pattern in please use the recommended special nail oil, daily homework is finished, please in trachea tapping into 2-3 drops of oil, in order to prolong the service life of roll nail machine machine.


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