Zong Man Seeks a New Love

Before they could figure out what had happened to the bone-eating well, the evil man on the other side suddenly felt a little itchy on his head.

Before they could figure out what had happened to the bone-eating well, the evil man on the other side suddenly felt a little itchy on his head. He looked left and right, and while no one was paying attention to him, he reached out and pulled out the hat on his head. Then there was a cold, sharp touch on his fingertips. It spread out the palm of a look, see a suffused with faint purple light of the debris, could not help but mutter: "What is this?" Xie Jian blinked, and a name suddenly flashed through his mind. The jade of the four souls.. No wonder! At first, the mysterious woman would ignore Lord Sesshomaru and attack him directly! It turned out to be an opportunity to tamper with! Inuyasha's line of sight at this time lightly fluttered to come over, evil see hurriedly put his hand behind his back, as if nothing had happened to hold the head stick shouted: "Sesshomaru Lord is nearby, you reckless guy had better be careful!"! I am the minister of Lord Sesshomaru! "Huh?!" Inuyasha raised his eyebrows in amusement and laughed, "What are you talking about?"? Minister of Sesshomaru? Xie Jian took a step back in fear, but still pretended to be calm and raised his voice to threaten: "That's right!"! I am Lord Sesshomaru's irreplaceable greatest hero! "Where is Sesshomaru now?" "Why didn't I see it?" Inuyasha asked derisively. "Lord Sesshomaru." Lord Sesshomaru. Evil sees cold sweat on the head. Hum, "Inuyasha snorted coldly, directly exposing its lies," Sesshomaru is not around here at all,Nail machine manufacturer, is he? I can't be wrong. There's no smell of him here. Evil see speechless. In the quiet afternoon, Mingyin sat alone in the room and read books. The whole villa is quiet, corridors, living rooms. The curtains of all the rooms were drawn and covered, and it was dark everywhere. Because everyone who lives in the villa, except her, is a vampire. It's time for them to rest. Mingyin closes the book. She has no memory of the past,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and she knows nothing about many common sense that human beings should know. This is really too strange. It's not that she hasn't inquired about her past, but no one has ever been willing to tell her. Even her "brother" always said to her, it doesn't matter, it's just some unpleasant past, no need to remember it. At first, out of trust in the name of "relatives", Mingyin did not question it too much. Every time she nodded cleverly, stopped and stopped asking, but after a long time, she inevitably had doubts in her heart. She didn't look like her so-called brother at all, and he often looked at her with a cold look. Mingyin wants to leave here, the other side will not agree at all, Nail machine supplier ,Nail machine supplier, saying that it is too dangerous outside, and I will take you out when I am free. But with Mingyin on his back, he turned his head and told the servant to lock all the doors and never let Mingyin run out. He probably didn't know that she was hiding and had heard everything. I can't figure it out. Mingyin put the book on the shelf and began to think about what to do next. Miss Kato has completely unloaded her psychological defense, even if the other side is her inviolable monarch Jiulan Li Tu, but also willing to stand up for themselves. Jiulan Li Tu. A bunch of nerds. The restlessness of amnesia surged up from the bottom of my heart, like a wild animal trapped in a cage striding uneasily. According to the words of the wandering ghost, Inuyasha and Kagome found the shrine where Bawei was. Before they came, they tied up the evil view, and in order to make sure that it was correct, they tied it back and forth several times, and the evil view struggled and shouted such words as "dare to insult the evil adult".. Of course, no one left him. Eight hundred miles away, Inuyasha smelled the smell of Bawei's fox demon. As soon as he knocked on the door of the shrine, he snorted, "I told you it was you." "I knew you were coming, too," said Bawei venomously. "The smell of your wild dog is as annoying as ever." They have met many times in the past. But two people look at each other two tired, every time meet almost directly fight, finally is Ba Wei disdained to stop, the reason is Inuyasha is too weak. After many years to meet again, Inuyasha was Ba Wei angry to draw a knife, was stopped by Kagome, Ba Wei is not panic, calmly stood in the corridor to watch them play. A dog's bark broke the scene. Kagome turned her head in surprise and saw a snow-white puppy. It was Xiaomei who had been talking about it for more than a month. Xiaomei? She was about to come over and hug the dog, but Bawei pulled up the wooden door and locked the dog in the room, looking coldly at Kagome and Inuyasha. Just to be clear, what are you here for? There was a clucking sound in the wooden door. Ba Wei turned his head sideways and threatened in a low voice, "If you break the door, I'll take you to stew." A weak, aggrieved sob floated out. Ba Wei showed a faint and somewhat proud smile. He shook his fan maliciously and whispered through the crack of the door: "There is no one to save you now. They are not here. They will not know what happened at all. You'd better be obedient." The author has something to say: My account was just opened a month ago. A month has passed, and there are only three SSRs, one of which is the big Tengu sent by Chushi. The scariest thing is. Big Tengu's needle woman, the effect hits 32%. I want to cry.. Every Thursday, I held my master's leg and begged her to take me to brush the soul ten, but the result was a life bonus. Chapter 49 here is forty-nine. Villas built on hilltops, vampires living in basements, housekeepers watching closely. Mingyin can't find a way out. She sat in a daze in front of the courtyard every day, seemingly doing nothing, but in fact she was calmly looking at the figures of the servants who were looming in the distance and patrolling back and forth. The missing memory did not return,iron nail machine, she was helpless and helpless, Jiulan Li Tu probably knew something, every time she saw her as if she saw something interesting. You seem to depend on him because you're a brother? He asked this sentence in an ambiguous way. 3shardware.com


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