Hidden rules of the official road

Snowy night has raised his right hand, look dignified: "Snowy night, I would like to be the lowest slave in my life, shed all my blood to wash away my sins, such as breaking some vows: Let those I love and those who love me be punished by heaven, suffer all their sufferings, and live

Snowy night has raised his right hand, look dignified: "Snowy night, I would like to be the lowest slave in my life, shed all my blood to wash away my sins, such as breaking some vows: Let those I love and those who love me be punished by heaven, suffer all their sufferings, and live worse than die!" Silver Moon looked at the snowy night a little dully. What was he talking about? "Master, is it all right?" The snow night straightened his back, with a look of sarcasm and sarcasm. Silver Moon was stunned: "What is this child laughing at?"? Who is he mocking? ? There was a needle-like fear in my heart. Lips but with a smile: "Snowy night, although you are going to Xiazhou, thousands of miles away from the palace.". But the rules can't be changed, do you understand? Snow night faint smile: "Yes, under the slave understand!" " "You understand," said Yinyue with a smile, "but.." The silver moon suddenly turned her eyes to look at the shrine and said sternly, "You will leave tomorrow. Do you understand what day tomorrow is?" Snowy night along the silver moon's eyes turned to the cage,: "Yes, the slave knows, tomorrow is … …" It is the day when slaves pay their debts with blood. : "Hum, it's good to understand. You've forgotten this palace." Silver Moon said leisurely. Snowy night look suddenly changed, blurted out: "Master, you have ordered the slave to accompany tomorrow … …" Young Lord to Xiazhou, can you, can you wait until Xiazhou to make up for the punishment? "Oh, ha ha ha." You,nail manufacturing machine, who have never begged for mercy for yourself, what's the matter today? Afraid ? Why are you afraid? ? Afraid I can't go to Xiazhou. ? Is that how you want to leave this palace? ?” The snowy night closed his eyes and opened his eyes wide. "Is the master going to punish the slave now?" "Take the whip, take the fish-scale whip!" With a dim look on the snowy night, he turned around and took the fish scale whip, holding the silver moon in both hands. Silver Moon took the whip, took a look at the snowy night, gritted his teeth and said, "Snowy night!"! This palace will help you 。 As long as you shed all your blood, you will wash away everything. Write off the past! Snowy night in the dim eyes of the eyes in a flash of light,wire nail machine manufacturers, the corners of the mouth raised a wisp of smile, attention to the silver moon: "Master!"! The slave is willing to shed blood. ! Just hope The master can remember today's promise! "A head knocks down heavily, then takes off his coat, turns around calmly, and presents the bare and naked back to the silver moon.". The silver moon looked at the snowy night, looking at his back, which was broken by years of torture. His strong and straight spine turned away as if it had been burned by fire. His eyes turned to the cold shrine again, and a wave of anger rushed up again. : "Good!"! Okay, okay ! You said it yourself. !” The fish scale whip was raised high, each scale was shining with bloodthirsty light, and the air flow was bloody. The snowy night tightened its muscles and closed its eyes. From the shoulder to the back of the waist, it was like a raging fire and boiling oil. With only one whip, he fell to the ground on a snowy night. The welts were like knife wounds, the muscles were cracked, and the fog of blood spread rapidly. Beads of sweat splashed down his chin on a snowy night. He fell to the ground, trembling and convulsing. He closed his eyes, breathed a sigh of relief, bit his lips, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, straightened his back like a fish, and waited for the next whip to come. After a while, the whip did not fall again. On a snowy night, my eyes trembled lightly. When I raised my eyes, the whip sounded again. On a snowy night, there was a desperate smile on my lips, waiting for the fish scale whip to slide cruelly across my back again. "Bang!", the fish scale whip breaks the air to strike, but does not draw on the snow night body, but draws on the snow night knee edge black jade brick, unexpectedly causes a black jade brick to break into two halves. Then the whip was thrown on the back of the snowy night and slipped to the ground. The snowy night raised its eyebrows with difficulty. "Snowy night, let you go today!" On a snowy night, my body suddenly shook and I put my hands on the ground. "Ha ha ha.." How about keeping your cheap life and giving your cheap thing a chance to climb the dragon and attach yourself to the phoenix? Here's the deal Go to Xiazhou, if there is a chance to send you to serve the King of Xia Liang! On a snowy night, his arms suddenly trembled and he could not hold up his body. He slowly turned around and said, "Master, you.." It means to send slaves. Do you wait on King Xia Liang? "Ha ha ha.." Are you happy or unhappy to wait on King Xia Liang? Snowy night suddenly raised his head, a pair with excitement, more suspicious eyes congealed to the silver moon, the whole body trembled, unexpectedly out of his mind, uncharacteristically stretched out his hands to pull the silver moon's clothes,: "Master, you let go of the slave, but also allow the slave to serve the king of summer?" The fish-scale whip broke the black jade bricks, and the sound of cutting gold and short jade came out clearly from the hall to the ears of the three people who had been listening to the movement in the hall under the corridor of the Hall of Reflection. Gao Xiufeng's face was red and white for a while, and changed rapidly. After hesitating, he finally made up his mind. Stepping out a few steps, ignoring Xia Xueyan's obstruction, he reached out to push open the closed door and strode in. Sunny eyebrows beating, followed by Xia Guiyan stunned also followed in. Pass through the outer hall and enter the inner room. But was shocked by the scene in front of him: the silver moon had no whip at all, the fish scale whip had been thrown on the ground, the snowy night was naked, a clear whip mark from the shoulder to the back of the waist. Underground, a hard black jade brick obviously cracked into two pieces. The silver moon looked down at the snowy night, and on the snowy night, she was so bold that she held her master's skirt tightly with both hands. Before he could think of what had happened, the sun roared and rushed over: "Bitch, be bold!" He pulled Snow Night's hair, dragged Snow Night on his back to the ground, and then stepped on Snow Night's shoulder. With a groan on a snowy night, he wanted to curl up in pain and return to the future, and the second foot of the sun stepped on the snowy night again. The snowy night howled miserably, covered his hands, turned his body sideways, and the sun stepped on the face of the snowy night with another foot. Only then did Gao Xiufeng discover that the sun was actually wearing nail boots: in order to prevent skidding, the soles of the boots were covered with fine nails. Once you trample and kick people, the consequences will be unimaginable. With a sunny arm, exclaimed: "Wait!" " Silver moon at this time also seems to suddenly startled, pointing to the sun: "You!" At this time, the snowy night side head spurted a mouthful of blood, the body curled up after the spasm, eyes closed, no longer motionless, hands are still tightly protected. The silver moon was dull for a moment. The sun looked at Gao Xiufeng and the silver moon. He gritted his teeth and said,wire nail making machine, "Mother, this cheap slave must be pretending to be dead. My son has a way to wake him up." Then he stepped forward to trample on him again. You stop! "Silver moon exclaimed:" Xiufeng, look at him... " 。 3shardware.com


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