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If you have to choose a suspicious object from three people, then Dr. Lu, who has experienced an alternative experience, seems even more suspicious.

If you have to choose a suspicious object from three people, then Dr. Lu, who has experienced an alternative experience, seems even more suspicious. But he also has "material evidence" such as Buddha beads found from Director Li, which proves that he has indeed been there and is now taking three people there. Whether Director Li's office can really have a certain inhibitory effect on ghosts can be proved by a little test. If this is a lie, it is too easy to be exposed. On the contrary, the experience of Xue Yingying and Su He seems to be thrilling, but there is no evidence to prove it. Most importantly.. Qi Le lowered his head slightly, and both the plasma in the plasma bag and the blood sprayed out when he cut his throat disappeared after reading the file, and his body returned to its state when it was archived, so there was no blood. But there was no plasma on either of them. Xue Yingying's clothes were a little dirty, her hair was messy, and there were some bruises on her knees and elbows that she hadn't had before, and it looked like she had been through a struggle. However, Su and he did not. He still looked neatly dressed and calm, and was talking slowly with Dr. Lu, although occasionally frowning and dignified, but always with a sense of incompatibility. Too calm,car radiator cap, no fear, no panic, from the first time I saw him, even when he was attacked by ghosts and was about to fall from a building, he did not panic-at that time, Qi Le people were even more flustered than he was, so that when he recalled now,metal stamping parts, he realized what was wrong. Also, he doesn't have a skill card. Although it is not clear whether everyone has this skill card, he and Dr. Lu both got one at the beginning, while Xue Yingying triggered the achievement after the abortion and also got one. Su He said that he did not, which is indeed possible, but without a skill card, how can an ordinary person survive in a dangerous environment smoothly until now? Just now, he was supposed to have experienced a dangerous siege by ghosts. How on earth did he get away with it? They didn't even look at the card slot under Sue and her clothes! If Su and are not players.. No, this should be that he thought too much, Su and talked about the system task and the novice village, should be known, then his player identity should be no problem. No, Magnetic Drain Plug ,die casting parts, that's not true. What if there was another way to let NPCs know something they shouldn't know? Will there be ghosts who possess dead players and be able to get their memories? The more Qi Le thought about it, the heavier his heart became. He looked at Dr. Lu and Su He, who were walking in front of him. They were talking about the role of religious power on ghosts in horror movies. Dr. Lu watched a lot of movies, and Su He had a wide range of knowledge. They talked very deeply. Probably feeling the sight of Qi Le Ren, Su He, who was speaking sideways, looked at the expressionless Qi Le Ren, smiled at him and nodded. Qi Le quickly looked away, not daring to look at him. In the corridor, which was pale and bright by the fluorescent lamp, he glanced at something flashing red in the corner of his head. It's so common that it's everywhere that people subconsciously ignore its existence. But at this moment, Qi Le people trembled all over, like falling into the ice cellar. How could he forget? There is also a mass murderer who is hunting everywhere. He has always wondered why he could "meet" so many prey in the huge two outpatient buildings? Because it's not a coincidence! Qi Le heard himself squeezing a trembling voice out of his throat: "Is the hospital camera always on?" Chapter XIV First People's Hospital of X City (XIV) At the moment when Qi Le made his voice, the whole corridor was quiet, except for his hoarse voice, which echoed repeatedly in the white light, castigating everyone's will and spirit. The question of Qile people is too straightforward and cold, pointing directly to their deep fear. When they realize that they may be being peeped at by a murderous maniac with bloody hands, the fear of hair standing on end is even more terrible than facing a fierce ghost. Monitor It's open 24 hours a day. Dr. Lu's voice was trembling and he was about to cry. Where is the monitoring room? How many surveillance probes are there? Su He asked solemnly. “…… At In the a building of the outpatient building, there are many probes, and the main corridors are.. Both. Doctor Lu looked at Su He in despair, and there was a broken sound in his speech. Su He glanced up at the red-glowing surveillance probe and took Dr. Lu's shoulder to comfort him: "Let's go and find a way to avoid the surveillance and get out of here." Several people left completely in shock. Dr. Lv took them around a big circle, avoiding the monitoring probe he knew as much as possible. Finally, he came to Director Li's office from another way. When the door closed, Xue Yingying had collapsed in her chair. Her face was white and frightening. She looked at the door suspiciously. It's all right, even if he's been looking for survivors with a surveillance probe, it's impossible to squat in the surveillance room all the time. Su He also sat down and said calmly to several people. Dr. Lu's face was getting worse and worse, and he obviously recognized what Su and had not finished saying-yes, because the killer was still attacking "hunting". If we're lucky enough, he's probably hunting every time we're exposed to a surveillance probe. With the number of victims so far, he's been out there so often, we probably didn't get caught. But with fewer survivors, he is bound to spend more time looking for targets. So if we can't solve this passive state, we will be found sooner or later, even if we are lucky. Su He said slowly. Sitting under the shrine, Dr. Lu became more and more nervous and could not help biting his nails. He said nervously, "It's also possible.." We had already been discovered, but because there were so many of us, he was still hesitating to do it now. Xue Yingying walked to the table like a wandering soul, picked up a bottle of mineral water in the corner, twisted it three times before unscrewing the cap,deep draw stamping, obviously out of her mind, as if she would faint at any time. This sudden discovery made several people fall into a state of panic, and the same was true of Qile people. autoparts-dx.com


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