Medical Concubine is priceless, the wife of King Leng.

Wei Yihang got up from the ground and tidied up his clothes. "Just wait," he said angrily. "Sooner or later, I will become a flame palm, but I will destroy you."

Wei Yihang got up from the ground and tidied up his clothes. "Just wait," he said angrily. "Sooner or later, I will become a flame palm, but I will destroy you." "Let's find out first that there is a flame palm in the world." Yue Liu Shang spoke out the reality impolitely and spared no effort to attack Wei Yihang's self-confidence. …… Don't say it, I hate it. Wei Yihang is depressed. Then he suddenly remembered something and looked at Feng Junyao in a complicated way. It was hard for him to say, but he still said, "Ah Yao, you don't really like Mo Tianya, do you? You know she is a man." Yao likes men. He can't accept it anyway. There must be something wrong with it. Don't you understand that you have been playing since you were a child? Yao definitely doesn't like men. If he likes men, he will be taken as his own long ago. ~ ~ Still have seven thousand today, feel big, call for a monthly ticket ~ ~ ~ Chapter 123 leave "Poof-" Yue Liu Shang sprayed the tea out of his mouth again and stared at Feng Junyao in shock. "Ah, Ah Yao, what the monkey said is not true. Do you really like men?!" They had only been separated for a few days. How could it be like this? It used to be normal for Ah Yao. Although there was no woman, he was sure that Ah Yao didn't like men. How could he suddenly like men now? And the appearance of the stranger could only be said to be not ugly. Compared with Ah Hang and him,push button toilet flush valve, it was not one or two parts. How could Ah Yao like him. At this time, Yue Liushang suddenly thought of something. He hurriedly put his hands on his chest and stared at Feng Junyao warily. He looked like a little girl. "Ah, Ah Yao, first of all, I only treat you as a good friend. You can't attack your friend, otherwise you will be punished by God." Feng Junyao moved his eyes and looked coldly at the frightened Yue Liu Shang. "Do you want to die?" The voice was as cold as ice dregs,Flushometer valve, which immediately made the people present shake a few times, seemingly provoking the bottom line of a certain prince. A Hang Fox, what are you talking about? How can Wang Ye like strangers? Zhao Lin, the protector, immediately stood up to speak for Feng Junyao. Feng Junyao Wen Yan showed a little relief, or Zhao Lin sensible ah, but his idea, was immediately completely shattered by Zhao Lin's next words. Didn't Wang Ye take a fancy to Mo Tianya's ability to attract him before? Later, he was rejected by Mo Tianya. Therefore, Wang Ye came up with a honey trap, not a beautiful man's trick to seduce him. Only when a person likes each other will he be willing to do things for him. In order to attract Mo Tianya, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Self-closing Faucet, Wang Ye sacrificed a lot. Zhao Lin's righteous words are authentic. Instantly, the worship of Feng Junyao increased by several levels. He was worthy of being the master he had always worshipped. In order to achieve his goal, he could endure any humiliation. As the saying goes, a real man can bend and stretch. Wang Ye's selling sex for a big event is really a generation of Tianjiao. Feng Junyao's face completely turned into the bottom of the black pot, black enough to drip ink, and the teacup in his hand "snapped" and broke into powder. Ahem, that, Yao, don't be angry. Looking at the handsome face of a certain prince who could not be blacker, Yue Liushang held back his smile and said, "It turns out that Ah Yao made this bad plan in order to use the strangers for us. Ah Yao's sacrifice is really great." After knowing Feng Junyao for so many years, anyone he likes can hardly pull out his palm. In order to recruit talents, he can do a lot of incredible things. Of course, it's the first time to use seduction, but it's not a big surprise that Feng Junyao's personality can do it. But he still felt very strange to say that although a Yao would do a lot of shameless things for talent, but those things were beneficial and harmless to him both physically and in terms of reputation. This time, he did not hesitate to destroy his reputation for the sake of strangers. You should know that once the matter of liking men was spread out, it would be a great blow to a Yao's reputation. Feng Junyao looked up at him coldly, with a sense of danger, as if he would be punished immediately if he dared to say one more word. Just then, there was a shadow outside the window. Feng Junyao's eyes were so bright that he was about to make a move when the small shadow disappeared in an instant. What people. "The second one reacted and flew out of the door like a wild goose, but there was nothing outside except a few trees with fallen leaves and some plants." What the hell? Yue Liushang knocked on his forehead gloomily. He had just seen a shadow at the window. Although it was as big as a palm, he felt that someone was peeping outside. His speed was also very fast. How could he come out without seeing anyone? What's the matter? Is someone peeping? Wei Yihang also came out and asked. Yue Liushang frowned and said gloomily, "I just felt someone outside, but when I came out, I disappeared. Could it be that I was dazzled?" "Maybe you were too slow to react and let the peeper get away." Wei Yihang spares no effort to suppress the self-confidence of Yueliu Shang, but he is not as good as Yueliu Shang, just now he did not feel anything. Yue Liushang glared at him angrily. "I know my ability. I can't be wrong. Someone must have come just now, but the speed of that person was so fast that I didn't find it." "Fast?" Wei Yihang twisted his eyebrows. Suddenly, he exclaimed, "It's not Lord Mo. With her ability, she can really run away under your eyes." "Mo Tianya?" "If it's really her, she must have heard the conversation between us and knew that Ah Yao was deliberately close to her, so she ran away angrily." He hurried over and said to Feng Junyao, "Ah Yao,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, hurry up and go after him. Maybe you can save it. If it's too late, the sex you sacrificed these days will be in vain." Feng Junyao lowered his eyes slightly and said slightly, "Let's talk about it later. Let's continue what happened before." “……” ………………。


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