Under the cherry trees

"It's your luck to guess right," he said with a deliberately sad look. "But he made me discover the reason why many people in China are still hungry."

"It's your luck to guess right," he said with a deliberately sad look. "But he made me discover the reason why many people in China are still hungry." "That's not the main reason. You'll know the real reason when you see the food thrown away." In fact, I know that you don't have to say so white. I tell you, you won't please me by talking like that. "Why?" His words seemed so profound that they aroused my doubts. There are some things we can pretend we don't know. For example, the Chinese government has been secretly preparing to take back Taiwan by force for a long time, but you must say that we have been working hard to resolve the Taiwan issue peacefully. For example, if a teacher often asks your parents to play cards with him, and he proudly boasts in his class that he never plays cards and despises the phenomenon of playing cards, you must not expose him and say that he is a hypocrite; For example, if a very pure girl suddenly gets a venereal disease, you can't accuse her of not keeping herself clean. For example, if a girl tells you that she has had thirty boyfriends and is still a virgin, you have to believe that only wolves are lustful in the world, but men are not lustful. "The truth is the truth, and since everyone knows it, what's the harm in saying it?" "Why do you have to say it when you know it?" I was at a loss for words. Yes, there is no difference between saying and not saying the facts that everyone knows. The first person to speak out will not get any benefit, but will be regarded as a thorn in the side. Just like a teacher writes a wrong word on the blackboard, everyone knows it, but you raise your hand to point it out, or you are the first to leave when a leader makes a speech,plastic pallet manufacturer, or you openly report a cadre. Then others will try their best to kick you out, and even if they don't, they will probably beat you up in their hearts. Hey, don't think about it, Liu Xiang's words are always very reasonable. Too many things happened during that time, and I was busy running around, but after I settled down, my heart was a little confused,spill plastic pallet, and I didn't know who to tell. It happened that the school had a magazine to solicit contributions, so I took the opportunity to submit it. Many people and things either jump out by chance or are put aside in the deepest memory by time. Miaomiao world of mortals, passing people, quietly passing away youth years, round and round, there is always one that will evoke the deepest memories of the soul. It was a season full of vitality, full of vitality everywhere, and all kinds of hardware facilities on campus had begun to take shape and gradually entered the right track. I saw Chen Shan and Dai Zhiyao coming to me in the corridor of the corridor. Chen Shan studied liberal arts and was not in the same teaching building as our science department, so I was surprised to see her. Far away, I heard a voice shouting at me: "Chen Hancao, long time no see!" Dai Zhiyao basically did not change, speaking or roaring, the voice is still so soul-stirring, people feel that she is not greeting me, but threatening me, plastic pallet bin ,wholesale plastic pallet, as if to say: "I must kill you today!" "I haven't seen you for a long time," I said with a lingering fear. Although I deliberately raised my voice at her instigation, I'm afraid the decibel and strength are still very different from hers, and I can only feel ashamed of myself. Cold grass, you have become strong! She gave me a push on the shoulder and shouted again. So are you. I say You want to die! Then he swung his fist at me, and I dodged smartly. Hello! What are you doing! Practicing? Chen Shan covered her stomach and laughed: "All right, all right, just meet and make trouble." Dai Zhiyao looked at me with hatred. He was so angry that he could not speak, but it was not easy to break out. He had to stand there, clenching his two little hands tightly and clenching his teeth. Hancao, how are you? Chen Shan asked. Fine. How are you? Why are you free here today? "It's all right," she said, pulling out a letter. "Here you are." "What is this?" Take your time and don't think too much. Let's go first and talk when we are free. Then she pulled Dai Zhiyao away, as if expecting something to happen, and did not want to stay longer. Dai Zhiyao glared at me, as if to say, "We haven't finished the account yet. We'll see." The seal of the letter had been opened, and it was obvious that it was not sent directly to me. It was only then that I realized that it was no accident to see Chen Shan this time. The letter was very short. It was written by Yan Fei. She said in the letter: "I fell in love with a boy at first sight." These eleven words were like a heavy hammer, which hit me hard on the head and made me dizzy. The air around me seemed to be pulled away, and I could not breathe, but felt a dull rush coming at me, making me dizzy and suffocating. At that moment, I really thought I would faint and collapse to the ground. The sudden words made my heart like a knife, like a wounded man who was roughly pulled off the bandage, then sprinkled a handful of salt on the wound, and endured the pain of tearing his heart and lungs. I had completely collapsed, and for a moment I became pale and fragile, like a snail whose shell had been smashed, curled up, struggling, but powerless. I lay on the table, my blood was cold, and I had no strength to think any more. I just felt very tired. In a trance, I felt that my brain had become so heavy, and my body had become so light. I fainted in a daze. Until the moment Wu Di woke me up, I thought I was dead. What's wrong with you? Your face is pale. Are you sick? He asked with concern. I did not answer, in fact, at that time, I could hardly hear, my eyes could not find a suitable landing point, the eyes were white. Wu Di insisted that I was ill and took the liberty of asking for two days off for me. Perhaps I was really ill, and I was crushed by great pain and reduced to a mental disability. I slept for two whole days, and Yanfei's letter made me haggard. I sat in my seat like a lost child, not knowing where to go. There is no road in front of me, and my road now has no end, and I can't go back to the origin at the same time. At this moment, I clearly realized that Yanfei and I are two intersecting straight lines, there is only one intersection,plastic pallet supplier, after this point, we will only be farther and farther apart, there will be no sequel. cnplasticpallet.com


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