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When we arrived at Zhidan Garden, it was already more than nine o'clock. I find that I often go in and out of Zhidan Garden at night, and I am familiar with the night scenery here.

When we arrived at Zhidan Garden, it was already more than nine o'clock. I find that I often go in and out of Zhidan Garden at night, and I am familiar with the night scenery here. The construction site over there has just been shut down, and the lights of many people in the community are on, but there is still silence on the road. I unconsciously noticed if there was any sign of the black cat that was bothering me, but I looked around all the way downstairs and found nothing. That much! I was startled by a clear voice. Looking up, Su Yingzheng poked his head out of the window on the second floor and looked at me with a half-smile. His hair hung down. "Just got off work? Come up and sit down?" Because I got the exclusive information today, I was in a good mood, and of course I went up with pleasure. At the door of Su Ying's house, the door was open. As soon as I went in, I saw Su Ying feeding the fish. More than a dozen marine fish of various colors in the huge aquarium were now gathering in front of Su Ying to fight for food. Hi! She saw me and said, "Sit down!" I sat down casually and asked her, "What's the matter? Call me before I come into the house?" "It's nothing. Are you busy working tonight?" Sue sat down opposite me and looked at me with her hands around her knees. No, I don't have anything else to do today. Actually, I thought it was really nice to talk to you yesterday. I've never had such a good time talking to anyone. If you have nothing to do today, can we talk about it together? I laughed and straightened up. "Is there no one in your school to talk with you? Why did you pull me, a half-strange man,turmeric extract powder, to talk?" In spite of this, my heart can not help but secretly proud, it seems that my charm is still quite good, actually attracted such a beautiful woman to cling to me. It's not that I feel good about myself. It's true that she invites me first every time. Of course, she said she had a good chat. I'm afraid it's just one-sided. It's not a stranger. For my slightly teasing question, Su Ying just smiled, cut her long hair with her hand,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and did not answer directly. I felt intuitively that she was a little lonely and lonely. But for now, if the average girl is lonely, most of them will choose TV and the Internet. It should be more relaxed and stress-free to chat with others on the Internet, and maybe they will meet the same undersea fanatics as her and join a club or something. Now she gave up these two ways of entertainment, so actively invited me to come up and chat, is it possible that this beauty has taken a fancy to me? I can not help but look at her again, Su Ying is a star face, but also very valuable without makeup, not the kind of natural beauty. No, I'm really lucky, right? I personally enjoy my own private space, because I don't like to be bound by all kinds of messy rules, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, so I rent a house alone. Some self-disciplined people have been forcing themselves to live like a military camp, and I can't expect to go crazy in a few days. Of course, now the beauty has a request, of course, I can not refuse, but if this goes on, if she invites me upstairs every night, I can not stand it, besides, the most suspicious point is that a beauty like her, how can there be such a sense of loneliness? After staying at her house for such a long time yesterday, she didn't have a phone call. It's not surprising if she's surrounded by wild bees and butterflies, and she's been in commercials and on TV, and she's always been a campus beauty, but she should also be a man of the hour, which makes me puzzled. What did you do today? You reporters usually work very hard. Su Ying asked about me. Three archaeologists from Beijing (4) "Oh, I went to interview the archaeological progress of Zhidan Garden today. Hey, actually.." As I spoke, I suddenly noticed that Su Ying was staring at me intently, and I immediately thought of the time she said, "Look for the undersea man." What's the matter? She asked with some anxiety. The way she looked at me made me feel a little unnatural. I cleared my throat and decided to use the information I had to disabuse her of the idea of a strange undersea person. In fact, the progress is quite slow. What I got from this interview is not much different from the last one. But one came today. Experts are here to re-examine some of the details that are still controversial. ” "Are there any new discoveries about the builders and uses of the site?" "The use remains to be re-verified.". However, it is basically certain that it is the product of the yuan Dynasty. Other aspects are still similar to the original, but when it comes to new discoveries, it seems that there are more new doubts. "What are the doubts?" It was those iron ingots and wooden stakes and so on that the expert said, as if everything had become suspicious. The specific conclusion has not been made yet, and we will see it in a few days. Su Ying's expression was somewhat disappointed. But then he said to me very positively: "You will continue to interview it, the next time there is a new development must tell me!" " Her attitude made me a little uncomfortable, as if she was exerting some kind of pressure on me. Why do you care so much about this archaeology? I asked. Su Ying shook his hair and adjusted his sitting posture. Then he said in an almost solemn tone, "I have an idea. Do you remember the undersea man I mentioned to you?" I couldn't help sighing. I was right. It was the undersea man again. Even so, I said, "Yes." I can guess what she said next. I thought, "said Su Ying word for word," what could be man-made here? Maybe here, this site was built by the undersea people before. I think this may be the place where the undersea people carry out sacrifices, celebrations and other activities. I can't help but feel a little funny. Because I just talked with Ruan Xiuwen, my mind is full of rational analysis and understanding of Zhidan yuan, so now in my opinion, Su Ying's idea is very ridiculous. As I think, Su Ying's obsession with the undersea people has really reached the height of a belief. For example,phycocyanin spirulina, Christians attribute everything to the power of God, while Buddhists attribute everything to the blessing of Buddha. Su Ying attributed the incident to the direction of the undersea people. So all the things that can't be explained, she will think of the past. I can't help but want to end the conversation and go home at once. Su Ying still said with interest: "I think this possibility is very big..." 。


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