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Just now, the first ancestor came in person and looked at Li Qiye. For millions of years,

Just now, the first ancestor came in person and looked at Li Qiye. For millions of years, which disciple of the immortal and demon orthodoxy could do this? Is there any disciple worthy of the presence of the first ancestor? No. Today, Li Qiye did it, the first ancestor came in person, just to see him, which shows how amazing Li Qiye is, how unique, he is recognized by the first ancestor. For all the strong monks of the immortal and demon orthodoxy, what is more glorious than to be recognized by the ancestors? The first ancestor is the founder of the immortal and demon orthodoxy. To be recognized by the first ancestor is to be recognized by the heaven and earth, and even to hold the source of the immortal and demon orthodoxy. With such recognition, such identity, such strength, that is completely enough, for a while, Li Qiye's status in the immortal and demon orthodoxy is supreme, so that all the people of the immortal and demon orthodoxy are convinced of him. Li Qiye looked at all the strong monks kneeling down there, and there was no surprise, nor was there a great joy in the face of the dragon, but it was just plain. In fact, for him, these are not important, they are just trivial things. Get up. There's nothing to do here. Let's go. Li Qiye said slowly. All the strong monks who knelt down here worshipped Li Qiye again, respectfully, and finally dispersed silently,outdoor palm trees, even though a sea of people had gathered here, but when they dispersed, they were silent and did not dare to disturb Li Qiye. Chapter 2794 the temptation of eternal life. When the crowd dispersed, Li Qiye looked into the distance, his eyes became deep, as if he had fallen into memories. For him, the long years have passed, many things, he has been light,decorative palm trees, he has crossed the past, but some things, some things, for him, will always linger in his heart. After a while, Li Qiye withdrew his gaze, glanced at the Emperor of the Hall of Longevity, who had been standing beside him, and said, "Although the orthodoxy of immortals and demons is no longer the peak of that year, at least with your Hall of Longevity, there is still hope for this orthodoxy. It will not decline, nor will it fail to live up to the watchful eyes of the ancestor Changsheng from one era to another." "Thank you for your appreciation." Emperor Changsheng made a deep bow to Li Qiye and said, "Lao Zu said hello to your son, which is the most respectful greeting." "He is really a great man, and he can continue to move forward, and maybe he can create miracles in the future." Li Qiye smiled faintly. Thank you, Childe. The emperor of the Hall of Longevity worships again. Emperor Changsheng knew nothing about the identity of Li Qiye and the origin of Li Qiye. It could even be said that what kind of person Li Qiye was and what kind of Taoism he was were like a fog of riddles, silk cherry blossom tree ,artificial banyan trees, and she was not clear at all. However, she does not need to pursue these, she does not need to discuss these, these things do not need her to worry about, she just need to wait on Li Qiye, this is her job, but also she must do. Come on, it's good to have a rest. Li Qiye told Emperor Changsheng, "This is a good place. I'll stay here for a while." Without saying a word, Emperor Changsheng promised to come down, and finally, under the wheelchair pushed by Emperor Changsheng himself, they walked into the ancestral hall. After the first World War, the whole immortal and demon orthodoxy was shocked. Under the shock, there was a silence. The first World War shocked the sky and killed two immortals, which had established Li Qiye's invincible position and his supreme position in the immortal and demon orthodoxy. In the silence of the whole immortal and demon orthodoxy, some people are shocked, some are shocked, some are incredible, but some are like mourning. At this time, the inheritance of sects such as the Eight Diagrams Ancient Kingdom and the Zhongyu Holy Land was silent from top to bottom, and the sky over their sects was covered with dark clouds. It can be said that in the inheritance of these two sects, from Lao Zu to ordinary disciples, they were all trembling, fearing that Li Qiye would suddenly take revenge on them, and they were all afraid that Li Qiye would slaughter their sects in anger. In addition to the Bagua Ancient Kingdom and the Zhongyu Holy Land, those who had once stood in their camp were all frightened out of their wits and worried all day long that Li Qiye would attack them. Although, when they put down the drive letter and activated the immortal disk, they did not report themselves, they also did this in private, without any statement. However, there are only eighteen symbols on the immortal disk, and it is not difficult at all to find out who helped the ancient country of the Eight Diagrams and the Holy Land of Zhongyu on that day. Finally, in the days of fear and trembling, there was a great religion in Xinjiang that was finally frightened out of its wits. Their ancestors, with their disciples, knelt down outside the ancestral hall and apologized to Li Qiye. The other big religious countries saw that there were sects who took the initiative to apologize to Jing, and they all knew that such a thing could be concealed for a while, but not for a lifetime, so they all knelt down outside the ancestral hall and apologized to Li Qiye. Finally, even the ancestors of the ancient kingdom of the Eight Diagrams and the holy land of Zhongyu came to apologize one after another. All of a sudden, people were kneeling outside the ancestral hall. Looking ahead, there was a large area of grey hair. These were the ancestors of the major religions, and they were the most powerful group of old people in today's immortal and demon orthodoxy. Li Qiye was not interested at all in the fact that the ancestors of these great religious kingdoms and holy places of the ancient sect knelt down outside the door to plead guilty. He did not take it to heart. He just ordered the Emperor of Changsheng to say a few words, and then they were disposed of by the Emperor of Changsheng. In the ancestral temple, Li Qiye closed his door and meditated, without seeing others, concentrating on polishing the supreme terror that was suppressed and locked in the heart of the Tao. In fact, under Li Qiye's suppression and polishing, the supreme terror in his heart was not as good as before. Under Li Qiye's suppression and polishing, all the dark evil spirits were polished and purified. At this time, the supreme terror had revealed its true body. It was a creature that had never been seen before. Not to mention the common people, it was the first time that Li Qiye had seen such a creature. Although there were some ancient and incomparable allusions before, although there were records or a little mention, they were just legends,large ficus tree, and even if there were a few words of records, they did not know what it was, but only vaguely mentioned it. hacartificialtree.com


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