The Soul of Jian Dan Qin

Ou Jianchuan said, "How about meeting at the Lotus Peak of Huangshan Mountain on the Dragon Boat Festival next year?"

Ou Jianchuan said, "How about meeting at the Lotus Peak of Huangshan Mountain on the Dragon Boat Festival next year?" See the other side nods, continue immediately: "Since the date has been decided, now we are still friends, right?" Ge Hong couldn't figure out that mean of the dialect, so he said casually, "yes." Ou Jianchuan laughed and said, "It's not in vain for me to try to offend Ying Xianqing and save you from danger.." To tell you the truth, earlier I saw Deng Yunsong, the elder of your gang. He told me something without thinking. He took out a piece of yellow cloth and stained it with blood. What does this mean? I've come to Green Pine Point to find out what's going on! "I might as well tell you," said Ge Hong, "if you ask me frankly. Martial Uncle and I passed by here this morning, and suddenly I saw a man sitting still in the mountain. In the past, I saw that I had been dead for an hour. The man's face was strange, and he did not know what road it was. Both fingers were cut off by sharp swords, and there was a yellow cloth on the ground in front of him, stained with blood. We carefully investigate the reason why this person died. He was first hit by a very overbearing hidden weapon'Red Flame Sand ', and then he was broken in the back of his head by a weapon such as an iron rod. But the man still clung to the thing in his hand and sat down in the corner of the mountain. The man who had plotted against him cut off his finger with a sharp sword and took it away. Because the yellow cloth was stained with blood, he did not take it away.. As Ou Jianchuan listened and thought, he couldn't help but say, "Why should the man who grabbed the object from his hand be in such a hurry that he didn't even remove the body?" "I was going to ask you that," said Ge Hong. "In the pine forest where you disappeared at noon, we didn't go in to search it in the morning. But later, after you left the forest, we went in to search it,grey marble slab, only to find that there seemed to be traces of assault in the forest. It was not until then that we knew that the place was like a plank road. Ou Jianchuan was slightly stunned and said, "So your Beggars' Sect has not been sent by Yang Xun, the Hand of Heaven Gang?" Ge Hong didn't expect him to ask such a question. "Does Yang Xun deserve it?" He sneered. Ou Jianchuan held his head and pondered. After a while, he said, "Red Flame Sand is the famous hidden weapon of the East Road Leader Chilin Gang, one of the five road leaders of Baishuibao. Therefore, there is no doubt that the victim is the enemy of Baishuibao.." Ge Hong said, "Ice Soul Scholar, you're not Yang Xun's pawn,White Marble Mosaic, are you?" Ou Jianchuan gave a vague smile and said, "Now I have to go. Please pay my respects to Elder Deng.". If Elder Deng is interested, he might as well come with us for the Dragon Boat Festival next year. Ge Hong said in a deep voice, "The matter of Ge Hong will come to an end. You don't have to rely on the elder to bully you. When Ou Jianchuan saw that his tone was not small, he smiled and said," It's up to you. See you next year. " Feet a meal, the body broke through the air, a vertical three Zhangs more than, like stars galloping clouds flying down the peak. Ge Hong heart frightened, busy also ran down the peak, find Deng Yunsong, then tell the story, Deng Yunsong heard that the yellow-faced man was today just heard rumors of the ice soul scholar Ou Jianchuan, also from the alarm. "When I came here," said Ge Hong, "my teacher said that I was not good enough to stand out in the martial arts world, but I insisted that I should follow the elder to gain experience. My teacher died with permission. But now the disciple is quite regretful. He is determined to go back immediately to practice hard. What does the elder think? Deng Yunsong nodded and said, "Master Sha's martial arts are divine. If you are really willing to study hard, Calacatta Nano Glass ,White Marble Slabs, Master Sha is going to pass on your mantle.". This elder breaks the reason that you work hard, you can leave at any time. After saying goodbye to Elder Deng, Ge Hong left for home overnight, and then followed the leader of the Beggars' Sect, Sha Yizhu, to practice martial arts. That night, before the second watch, Yang Xiaoxuan had slipped out of the castle. In the past, every time she left the castle, no matter how secret, she was still known by Yang Xun. But this time she got the Tianfu thief should be the first green arrangement, pointing out the method of the castle, day gang hand Yang Xun had no idea. Yang Xun came here because of many martial arts masters, and the owner of the red boat, Duanmu Childe, seemed to have a great background. Since he came to the castle yesterday, he has not left and stayed nearby. The other two generals under him had arrived at noon, and their strength had increased greatly. He could not estimate Duanmu Childe's intention, so he was very uneasy. He couldn't sleep at night. Hearing the second watch, he suddenly got up and looked around. Finally, he went to Yang Xiaoxuan's room on the third floor. By this time, Yang Xiaoxuan had already met Wang Kun in the Gumei Valley behind the castle. On a rock under the thin shadow, the couple sat close to each other and talked in a low voice. How much lovesickness after parting, has been able to talk until now, two people have thousands of words in their hearts, but they do not know where to start. But once they started talking, both of them could not stop talking. Yu Kun listened to Yang Xiaoxuan repeating the details of the snowman she met that day. When she said that her clothes on her chest were all cracked and she was almost raped and humiliated by the snowman, she couldn't help being angry and her eyes were about to crack. On this point, of course, Yang Xiaoxuan was embarrassed to say to Xianqing that Wang Kun had never heard of Ying Xianqing before. She took out the dagger and the ancient money for Yu Kun to see. These two treasures left by ancient immortals were quaint in form, dark green in color, and extremely heavy in hands. Wang Kun was full of praise, especially when the Dragon Soul Dagger was waving, the tip of the sword shot out the brilliance of seeking feet, which was like a tangible thing, invincible. Sister Xuan, you have got two treasures, plus the star Lang Qin I got, which can be called three treasures together! Have you ever heard the name of Leng Yunxian, the first beauty in Wulin in the past? The Star Lang Qin is her relic. At that moment, he told Yang Xiaoxuan about the legend of Lengyun Fairy Shen Han, and also told him that Di Mengsong, a scholar of the Eye of Heaven, was infatuated with her, and later fought against the head of the five factions, and was finally defeated by Monk Futuo, an eminent monk of Kunlun generation. When Yang Xiaoxuan heard this, she sometimes sighed and sometimes sighed passionately. She imagined the strange people of the past, who were free and easy to cross the world. But Shen Han, who is peerless in elegance, sings the lute alone on the top of thousands of mountains and valleys, contrary to the vulgar. But time is like water, a hundred years like a dream, these people are finally buried in the loess. She sighed faintly and said, "I wish we could have a good ending,Marble Granite Price, but I can't imagine.." Ou Jianchuan (Wang Kun) thought, "Her words have already got to the point. Now I have to decide how to deal with it." Ou Jianchuan, you should take on everything like a real man.


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