One more skin and I'll kiss you.

Shen Duqing could not bear to see Jiang Zhi showing off. After sitting down,

Shen Duqing could not bear to see Jiang Zhi showing off. After sitting down, he took a sip of juice and mentioned as if nothing had happened: "I saw my video in your mobile phone." I found the video of her playing longboard when I took a picture with his mobile phone in the cable car. The time of the album shows 3:46. That is to say, after they returned to the camp that night, he was still up at three o'clock, downloading her video. The smile on Jiang Zhi's face paused. Shen Duqing looked at him narrowly: "Why don't you sleep at three o'clock in the middle of the night and download my video?" The people present also knew nothing about the video and were very confused. But at three o'clock in the middle of the night, it is easy for people to shift their thinking in a less pure direction. Watch the video at 3:00 in the morning. Ahem, what else could it be. Jiang Zhi looked at her across the table and did not retort. He couldn't sleep that night, so he did search for the video of "a golden retriever". Fortunately, the mobile phone would not show the playback record, otherwise Shen Duqing could still find that he replayed the long board video no less than three times. Shen Duqing left a proper pause and finally said: "Don't do strange things to my video in the future." Jiang Zhi: ".." The use of the word "again" is very wonderful. Everyone looked at the nose and the heart and pretended not to understand. So what, the meat is gone, would you like to order some more? "I'll come, I'll come." Make a perfect comeback. Shen Duqing tilted his head and winked at Jiang Zhi with a smile- At the end of the show, night had fallen. Shen Duqing and Jiang Zhi went back to school to pick up their car and went home through the brightly lit streets. Neither of them mentioned the words at the party tacitly. When Shen Duqing returned home, she drank a bowl of soup that Aunt Fang had left for her before she went upstairs to rest. When I came out of the shower, I received a message from Zhuo Lingling. It is estimated that thanks to her pimping, as a member of the entertainment committee, she was told an inside message in advance: Do you want to sign up for the program for the school anniversary next month? This year is the centennial anniversary of the school, the school attaches great importance to it, the party will be more grand than every previous one,small geared motors, and there are TV stations to interview. [The number of programs in each class is limited, and some of them will be brushed off at the end.] If you dance, you will win the prize. No.7 Middle School holds a festival party every year, which is a time for everyone to show their talents, not to mention the centennial celebration of the school, which may not be held once every three years. There are many students and many programs, and those who can really go on stage need to be screened layer by layer. The first step is to sign up for the program list of each class, and the entertainment committee has certain powers. This is Zhuo Lingling's way of showing kindness. Shen Duqing replied to her: [Thank you, I'll think about it]- Qi Jia's efficiency is very high, the next day early in the morning, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,Brushless Gear Motor, will be a new set of "five-year college entrance examination three-year simulation" on Jiang Zhi's desk. A stack of six 16-carat books is surprisingly thick. As soon as Jiang Zhifu saw it, he frowned and was a little impatient with the unknown object invading his desk: "Whose thing?" Seeing this, Qi Jia did not dare to come forward to speak at all. He winked at Shen Duqing and ran away first. Shen Duqing had no choice but to shoulder the responsibility of the gift dispatcher: "This is a gift given to you jointly by all the girls in the class, rewarding you for your bravery and helping the class eradicate a scourge." Jiang Zhi's expression at that moment was a little wonderful. No need to guess, eyes to her there a sweep: "Your idea?" Shen Duqing smiled and spread out his hands: "surprise ~" Jiang Zhi sat down and pushed the heavy pile of books directly to the corner, laying out the rhythm of letting them eat ashes. He slanted his head to look at Shen Duqing, and his eyebrows were ruffian: "It takes so much effort. You can kiss me directly." I'm starting to show off again. Shen Duqing took the pen and turned it twice and said euphemistically, "You know, I only like learning." Jiang Zhi glanced at her. His eyes said, "playing hard to get with me again.". Shen Duqing didn't lie. She always knew what she should do, and falling in love was never considered for her. They are not adults. A group of little kids. Do you know what love is? They fall in love with each other. It's not impossible for me to kiss you. She reached out and patted the pile of 53. "When you finish writing these, I'll lie flat and let you kiss casually." Jiang Zhi looked at 53, looked at her again, and did not speak. Behind Gao Yangbo said in a low voice: "This is difficult!"! Chi.. Naked difficulties 。” Let Jiang Zhi finish a set of 53? Why don't you just let him jump into the river. Jump into the river quickly, and let him write about May 3rd until the next century. The atmosphere here is deadlocked, Zhuo Lingling ran over and asked: "Shen Duqing, the school anniversary program began to sign up today, have you thought about it?" Shen Feifei also came over at this time and asked her hesitantly: "Can we dance together?" Shen Feifei followed Lin Nianjun to learn to dance these months, how hard, how hard, Shen Duqing saw very clearly. Shen Feifei really likes dancing, unlike her, who was forced to learn by Lin Nianjun when she was a child. You jump. Shen Duqing said, "I haven't practiced for a long time." She did not know whether Shen Feifei's invitation was sincere or tentative, but the two of them danced together and were too easily compared. This is not Shen Feifei's heart knot, why go to provoke that unhappy? Besides, it's true that Shen Duqing hasn't practiced dancing for a long time. She hasn't been in the dance studio since Shen Feifei came back. Don't you report it? Zhuo Lingling seems to have a problem with her not signing up. Shen Duqing was amused by her expression: "I can report something else." "What else can you do?" "I know a lot." Shen Duqing thought, "or violin?" "That's all right.". But there is also a girl in Class 8 who signed up for the violin, and you two must be brushed down. Why don't you go with Jiang Zhi? Zhuo Lingling's eyes lit up and she suggested, "He can play the piano. You two can have a program." Shen Duqing turned to Jiang Zhi. She did not know that the ghost could play the piano. Jiang Zhi received her interested eyes, probably remember the revenge of 53 just now, hand to the table, hold up the noble and cool chin: "Beg me." Chapter 48 To tell you the truth,12v High Torque Motor, Zhuo Lingling has never seen such a Jiang Zhi. So proud expression and tone, said is to let Shen Duqing beg him, but more like he is acting like a spoiled child.


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