Pocket-friendly Hair Care Tips for Healthy and Glossy Hair

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Your hair care routine should never be compromised. However fancy hair care routines and products can be very expensive.


For people running on a tight budget here is a guide to get healthy, glossy hair with super affordable products and qualified hairdressers Perth.


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5 Budgetfriendly Tips to Get Gorgeous Healthy Hair

Contrary to what the internet might be preaching, hair care does not always require fancy products. In fact, the first few steps simply include switching to healthier habits and lifestyle choices.


Here are five budgetfriendly tips to nourish your hair at home

1. Sleep with a Hair Cap

To do away with frizzy rough hair, it's best to cover it up in a satin sleeping cap. If you are not comfortable wearing a cap throughout the night, you can also opt for a satin scarf or get simple satin pillowcases.


The aim is to minimise friction between your hair and the rough texture of regular pillowcases. Lower friction can promote soft and bouncy hair by reducing breakage and frizz.

2. Trim the Ends

Even if you want to maintain a decent hair length, you cannot fulfil that desire at the cost of dead hair or split ends.


Once a hair strand develops a split, the gap continues to widen and leads to increased hair fall. However by trimming off the dead ends you are actually opening up opportunities for healthy hair growth.


Make sure you pick one of your favourite hairdressers Perth and get your hair trimmed at least every six months.

3. Minimise Use of Harsh Chemicals

No matter how hard you try, it's not possible to eliminate chemicals completely from your hair care routine. However, you can certainly improve the quality of your hair by minimising its use and eliminating a few harmful chemicals like sulphate and paraben.


Sulphates are harsh on your scalp and strip off its natural oils and moisture. On the other hand, parabens are easily absorbed in your scalp and trigger uncontrolled hair loss.


The hair care industry has identified the seriousness of the problems caused by these two chemicals. That's why you will easily find plenty of sulphates and in your local drugstore.

4. Stay Away from Heat

Straightened hair certainly looks good, but it comes at the cost of your hair health. Regardless of the heat protectant spray, creams and aftercare, heat damage is very real and in some cases irreversible.


Exposure to too much heat can make your hair dry and brittle and make your strands prone to breakage.


Instead of using heat styling tools, go for a DIY styling method to get straight hair without heat. The results might not be as good, but it is certainly safer in the long run.

5. Periodic Scalp Cleansing

When you finally start taking your hair care routine seriously, you might load up on lots of hair care products. While they will surely help you get healthy and glossy hair, too much product buildup can suffocate your scalp.


If you do not clarify your scalp from time to time, the layer of product build-up prevents your hair from responding to any further styling. In the long run, it can also trigger hair loss.


Make sure you use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to wash off all product build up and prepare your scalp for the next dose of styling.

3 Tips to Save on Hair Care and Styling

While these pocket-friendly tips will get you started on the journey, a large portion of your hair care routine still comes at a cost. So here are a few quick tricks to help you save on hair care and styling.

1. Opt for Hair Care Products Wholesale

Sometimes hair care products can be way too costly, and the only way to get a discount on them is to opt for hair care products wholesale Perth. Quick research can help you find all the local manufacturers that offer heavy discounts on wholesale purchases.


2. Choose Hairstyling Schools Over Hairdressers

If getting a trim every six months is turning out to be expensive for you, ditch renowned brands and hairdressers and go for schools offering hair cutting courses Perth. Since the students there are still learning and need someone to practice on, they offer great discounts to the customer.

3. Do It Yourself

DIYs are trending everywhere, so why not with hair styling? You can simply learn to trim your hair through online videos. And if you want a fancy haircut, enrol in one of the hair cutting courses Perth and get access to free haircuts forever.

Final Words

Healthy and nourished hair comes with the right set of strategies and a lot of patience. Your hair care routine is a lifelong part of your lifestyle. That's why opting for financially sustainable hair care tricks are essential. Follow this guide to give your hair all the extra love it deserves on a budget with our pocket-friendly hair care tips.




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