Jacob & Co Replica watch Astronomia Wonders of the World Mexico

Jacob & Co Replica watch Astronomia Wonders of the World Mexico

JACOB CO. ASTRONOMIA Mexico, Patriotic Pride

Jacob Co. has produced a unique work of astronomy that includes Mexican heritage. The perfect combination of art and watchmaking.Jacob Co. Astronomia Wonders of the World Mexico

A cultural heritage like the Mexicans deserves a watch to match. We couldn't think of a better timepiece than the Jacob Co. Astronomia, one of the most fascinating haute horlogerie of the 21st century. This piece is part of the Wonders of the World collection, a way of personalizing through special presentations pieces designed for the brand's strategic markets. The proposal has great commercial interest, although its great value lies in its technical level, which is indisputable in the case of Astronomia.

Astronomia, well known among enthusiasts, is based on a mechanic created exclusively for Jacob Co. by Luca Soprana. It is a clock of enormous size (its diameter reaches 50 mm) due to the space required to embed its mechanism. In the case of Astronomia, this need for space is more of an advantage than a problem. Its urn-shaped case allows the inclusion of decorative elements that integrate well with the mechanism, transforming the clock into a curious little cabinet from which we can admire its evolution at our leisure.buy watch replica

The case of the Astronomia Tourbillon is a small "cabinet of curiosities" that we can contemplate for hours.

star mechanism
The Jacob Co. Astronomia is an uncompromising watch: every element of it meets the highest technical or decorative standards. In short, luxury with capital letters. The entire system is based on the JCAM25 mechanism, made of 384 components, and constituted by a cross-shaped structure. On one of the arms we find the hour sub-dials, at the end of which is a biaxial tourbillon cage. The flywheel makes one revolution every 60 seconds, and the entire cage rotates around its longitudinal axis at a 5-minute pace. On the other arm we find a 1 carat diamond, the exclusive Jacob cut with 288 facets and a globe made of magnesium and painted blue. Each of these elements rotates at a frequency of one revolution every 60 seconds.

Viewers can see these elements in motion at any time. For this, it has a slightly curved upper sapphire crystal and four windows on the sides. The box structure is made of rose gold and has a height of 25 mm. There are two folding keys in the base, one is used to adjust the time, the other is used to provide the necessary energy for its march, estimated at 60 hours. The watch even offers water resistance up to 30 meters. It's a noteworthy detail that tells us of its solid construction, though it's hard to imagine anyone dared to shower in it.for luxury watches replica

mexican symbol
After reviewing the most relevant technical data of the Astronomia, we proceeded to detail the special elements of this release for our market. On the bright green mineral glass surface we find four miniature replicas of many other symbols of Mexican cultural heritage. They are El Ángel de la Independencia, Palace of Fine Arts, Chapultepec Castle and Chichen Itza. All these elements are handcrafted, carved and painted. The level of detail in all of these widgets is so refined that it makes us wonder if we're really looking at a watch or a work of art. The skepticism created by Jacob Co. is most intentional.

The Astronomical Wonders of the World in Mexico is the most spectacular work Jacob Co. has produced for Mexico to date, although it is not the first. The good relationship the American company maintains with our country has given rise to different special editions in recent years. Before we have already had the opportunity to enjoy the Epic X México, Epic X México Chrono and Epic X Viva la Vida; all of which have elements of ethnic or Mexican character. Of course, in front of this Astronomia Tourbillon, everyone looks "pale". So complex that Jacob Co. limited its production to a single piece, which would guarantee its happy buyer an item unique in the universe. A true pride of Mexico.Bell Ross BR 03-92 DIVER WHITE

Jacob Company Astronomical Wonders of the World in Mexico


JCAM25 hand-wound movement, 21,600 v/h, 60-hour power reserve.


Hours and minutes, biaxial tourbillon, rotating satellite system.


Rose gold, 50mm. Airtight to 30 meters.


Green mineral glass dial, titanium hour markers with lacquered hour markers.


Alligator leather, rose gold folding clasp.


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