He plunders like the wind Author: Liu Xi Ran

But after he reminded him so)? Reason ( ?° ?? ?° He just remembered that he hadn't seen Xiao Ci for a day. "What is he doing today?"

But after he reminded him so)? Reason ( ?° ?? ?° He just remembered that he hadn't seen Xiao Ci for a day. "What is he doing today?" He asked. "What else can you do? Be dragged out by Sugar for Valentine's Day?" Li Amer had just brushed the four or five dynamics of Su Sugar. He pushed his mobile phone in front of Pei Ran, as if remembering something, and said with a laugh, "Look, brother Ran, this is the gap between childhood sweethearts." "The same is growing up together, Su sugar that little devil can help Xiao Ci block peach blossom, festivals and so on can always pester Xiao Ci all kinds of tossing and turning." "But you?" "The little green plum around me is useless!"! When it comes to the festival, there are a group of girls on your side. Don't say it You are still like a Pure Brightness, and you are alone here. Li Amo glanced at the red and green lines on Pei Ran's computer screen, and his face was full of pity. Pei Ran Li did not pay attention to Li Amo, he turned over a few dynamic Su Tang hair, not a self-portrait is a variety of street food, including a Xiao Ci's candid photo. It seems that it's really lively outside today. Pei ran pushed the phone back to Li Amo's side and squinted. Holding his chin in his hand, Pei ran's eyelashes drooped slightly as if he were thinking about something. After half a ring, he closed the computer and got up. As he got up, he took out his cell phone and dialed a number to go out. Come out Only throw out these two words, Pei ran hung up the phone. Li Amer looked at him in a confused way. "Who did you call?" The voice fell, he saw Pei ran put on his coat, so he got up with him and continued to ask curiously: "What are you wearing clothes for?"? Are you going out? Brother Ran, where are you going? What are you doing? His series of questions were answered when Pei ran walked to Zuozhai Garden. Rubbing his eyes and looking at the little girl who was reluctant to come to them, Li Amer stood still, but Pei Ran asked him, "Why haven't you left yet?" Li Amer: "Huh?" "I'm going to spend Valentine's Day." Pei ran lightly spit out a sentence,Automatic nail machine, when he said this, his face was not red, his heart was not beating, and there was no trace of emotion. When he stepped towards You Nian, he added: "Get out quickly." Li Amer: "..?!!" . On Valentine's Day, You Nian is brushing exercises in his room. She did not celebrate this holiday, nor did she know that today was Valentine's Day. When she was threatened to come out by Pei Ran, she was reluctant to be alert to what Pei Ran asked her to do. Later, he only took her out for a meal. In the middle of the meal, he seemed to take a picture of her with his cell phone. You Nian looked at him doubtfully. Pei Ran typed a few lines quickly and sent them. He noticed her eyes. He did not have the consciousness of taking pictures secretly: "What are you looking at?" You Nian pursed his lips and bowed his head. She wanted to ask if Pei ran had just patted her, but before the words came out, Pei ran threw out two words: "Eat quickly." Later, Coil nail machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, when they went back, they passed by a toy store. There are a lot of cute and soft toys inside, Pei Ran remembered that Su Tang just held a bear in his self-portrait, and specially marked it as a gift from Xiao Ci. After thinking about it, he pulled you in, and without asking her what she liked, he picked out a long-eared rabbit that looked particularly similar to her. You Nian frowned at his series of strange actions. After buying the long-eared rabbit, he raised his arm as if to put the toy into her arms, but the next second he stopped. "You Nian, say Happy Valentine's Day to me." You Nian looked up at him in surprise. "Happy Valentine's Day?" She's asking a question. If Pei ran hadn't told her, she wouldn't have known it was Valentine's Day at all. However, Pei ran pulled out a smile because of her words. When the beautiful teenager smiled, he made it public and confusing. His long and narrow eyes were more moist, and he quickly stuffed the long-eared rabbit into her arms. It was already dark, and there were people selling pink peach heart balloons on the street. You Nian's eyes fell on those pink and tender balloons. In a trance, he heard a warm voice. Pei ran said, "Well, you are happy, too." You Nian: "… …" The author has something to say: Today is a bit of a wave, almost did not complete the update. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. (I'm a little late for that. To be honest, I didn't know about Valentine's Day if you hadn't reminded me.) Chapter 38 good-looking Husband (8). "So there's a good thing here." The room was yellow and the red gauze curtain was swaying. Pei Ran's slender fingers were as white as porcelain. He hooked the red ribbon around his fingers a little bit. He glanced at You Nian, who had fled far away. He smiled at the corners of his mouth. You Nian felt that the red couple's suite was like a cage, and when she stumbled to the sofa, she looked back warily. This does not matter, when she saw the red ribbon in Pei Ran's hand, she was so frightened that her legs were almost weak. You Nian didn't understand why there were so many messy things in the couple's suite. She leaned back on the sofa again and again. She was afraid that Pei Ran would come and catch her. However, the young master just leaned lazily on the bed, pulling the red ribbon loosely, and teasing in his eyes. Pei Ran! Only then did you realize that he had been teasing her. He grabbed the peach heart pillow on the sofa and threw it at him. She was a little annoyed and said, "What on earth do you want to do?" Pei ran turned his head sideways and easily avoided the pillow. Seeing that she was really angry, he finally loosened the red ribbon and stood up from the bed. Actually, I don't want to do anything. A few steps in front of you Nian, Pei ran arm support on the sofa, people trapped in his arms. She leaned over and kissed her on the forehead quickly. Pei Ran pressed You Nian's slightly swollen eyes. His tone still did not fluctuate too much. "Remember that I am bad now. You can annoy me or make trouble for me, but don't think about what happened just now. Do you understand?" He was referring, of course, to the dark apartment where the electricity had just been cut off. You Nian raised his eyes with some surprise, and his expression was much more unnatural: "So.." You can see that. You read with Pei ran out of the apartment, although the mood seems to return to normal,Coil Nail Making Machine, but she is just to show Pei ran do not want to let him worry, in fact, the panic in her heart has not been completely eliminated. 3shardware.com


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